Augmented reality Webby winners

I found this after checking the syllabus and seeing that I really did miss a blog post. So anyway, this is really cool. Google basically took our Vibe project and made it global, at least the graffiti part. This shows how relevant graffiti an street art are becoming to mainstream cultural expression. Good storytelling in art is so important, and this thing google did on “The Talking walls of Buenos Aires” is amazing. It’s about how walls have been used to help spread word of mouth amongst people.

Once again, thanks everyone. Have a great summer.


Group Projects

Working in groups is a necessary part of living and working in a fast paced world. Where projects and ideas can have a small window of opportunity or turning a flicker of inspiration into full fledged company requires many hands. Working together can achieve more than working alone, and open more potential avenues for progress along the way.

There are many types of group projects. Some very large where members of the same project never even meet, and some are small and intimate projects where team members spend every minute together. In any group there must be clarity and a consensus on the work assigned to team members, a roadmap, and a vision that can be conveyed in just a few words. The means of the group must meet expectations of each other and manage their own while simultaneously working towards a unified goal.

I think personal problems can arise in any group situation, from working at a restaurant to working on a creative team. People are different in many regards, which leads to many needs and expectations being balanced with ones own production rate and encouragement towards others.

Having a successful group requires this culture to be well balanced and allowing for each member to express any concerns or suggestions at any time. I can see why bureaucracies are appealing to companies, having total control can be comforting, but as in dystopic novels, it does not result in high levels of happiness and innovation.

Teamwork comes together when a group of people come together who are inclined to foster a group ethic and maintain their own nerves enough to not infringe upon the project or other peoples personal well being. A clear roadmap helps to maintain sanity but any team, regardless of the framework, must operate to some extent on faith.

Group projects are absolutely essential to progressing human cooperation and history shows that our species was team oriented from the beginnings of existence. These are skills we must foster, much like storytelling, relies on people to be together to share their ideas and experiences which creates emotional bonds and ties and as a result the work becomes more passionate in it’s final product. Many good artists collaborating on work often results in a unique gestalt seemingly bursting with energy. In the group project I did this quarter at SCAD I feel I had positive experiences with each of these examples.

Group work

Although I’m used to group project working in the advertising department every group project is indeed a different experience. I’m not going to lie I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst but my team members really pulled through and we really created a great campaign. I think working in a group allows you to interact with other individuals and allows you to grow in a group setting. It forces you to communicate and interact with personalities that are different from yours.

I have learned that having a strong personality means nothing in a group means if you cannot mesh with individuals. I also learned that in a group you are potentially stronger because everyone is able to take advantage of what they are good at. Dravon you are hilarious and kept me laughing all quarter you too Jung even though you think everything racist. Orianna you are so nice and such a sweet person. Peter even though we bumped heads you pulled through at the end and the app was amazing. I still think you’re an ass, but a very talented ass lmfao. I honestly wouldn’t have asked for another group for this project. I believe our adidas vibe is a winner all the way. It whole experience was enjoyable and in all honesty the campaign was consistent and visually appealing, which is hard to do when working in a group because everyone is so different.

I learned that I might have a slight ego and that some of our arguments were really petty but I’m happy we had them because we would never be where we are now. Im not going to say working in a group is easy but it does teach you a lot.

Working In A Group

When I first learned the final project in this course would be a group project, I was ecstatic. I’m not sure why but I’ve gotten to the end of my junior year at SCAD without having done a group project. I’m no stranger to group work as I have done many of them outside of SCAD. This is my second design related group project and the first I can definitely say was a disaster. This one was a pleasant surprise. I definitely think group projects should be massaged into nearly every course at SCAD for at least one project. I think working within a group setting not only builds professionalism but also increases one’s communication and interpersonal skills.

My first group design project was plagued with cattiness, huge egos and an overbearing overseer who stifled individual creativity and expected way to much out of the team. This project comparatively has been a walk in the park. Though opinions did clash and lead to heated arguments from time to time I did not see it stifling the progression of the project. In fact, the strong opinions ushered along the project to become what it is now. (And I do feel it is a very well executed project).

I’ve learned that working in a group especially in the creative field is an inevitable/ I’ve learned that being a sensitive artist in a group setting is just not ok. It inhibits your growth and it inhibits the growth of the team. You have to know when to let go of your ideas despite how good you may think they are.

Being the pop music junkie I am, I always compare being in a group to being in a band or singing group. Everyone must play their role and play it well. Groups like Destiny’s Child (My favorite group in the entire world) The Beatles, The Supremes etc were all majorly successful because most of the time every member knew their role and was sure not to step on another member’s toes. While this may not neccesarrily apply to this situation sense no one was “the lead” so to speak in the workforce you will be hired to a creative team for the particular skill you bring aboard. This allows for you to know your place instantly and stick to that role unless otherwise is needed.

In conclusion, I had a very great time working on this project with my fellow classmates. I think this project was sure to be an interesting one considering how each and everyone of us come from very different backgrounds. I think we have made a great team and with more time, training and maturity we will all make great assets to a creative team in the workforce one day.

Jung’s Group Project Review

This has been an interesting class for me as I had the most complicated group project ever at SCAD. Regardless of what we have achieved in this class, this ‘Adidas Vibe Project’ was a good and pleasant experience for me.

I was a little bit worried of this project when it started, as I have always been a type of a person who was always ignoring other people’s ideas and trying to push mine, as I have thought I am the smartest person that is around the neighborhood. But this group project has changed the way of how I think about attitude towards other people and working with other people. It was an enjoyable experience, and I have learnt a lot from all of my teammates. Also, I have gotten lots of helps from my teammates on various skills, and most of all the work that was finished was just awesome. That is all that can be said. They looked more beautiful, creative, and fascinating than what we have imagined it to be.

I have learnt that diverse people have strong parts and the synergy throughout the diverse people can make the whole new level of the result. We had all kinds of people who had various skill sets like, illustration, photoshop, special effect, and designing. All those assets have developed the project to be more organized, balanced, and better quality. We had some disagreements and arguments, but it will be counted as the normal process I guess (or not).

We have met more than two times besides class every week, and we had so much concepts, developments, and process works communicating together. I believe our work is awesome and we all deserve to get A on this project.

Group Project!

Group projects are great as an experience and I do understand the need to do them because there are things one cannot learn by working alone. I can say that through this group project I learned a lot as far as having to work with different personalities and understanding that everyone is different when it comes to how they work. I will say I’m a very fast passed worker and I’m always trying to get things done super fast, but by working in a group I learned that sometimes working fast might not work and that there will always be things to change and adjust. It is more about the process and I think that something that one really needs to take into consideration when working in a group is the fact that every member needs to be on the same page in order for the entire campaign or project to look cohesive. Also, something I really like about group projects that you don’t get to experience so much when working alone, is the input and feedback. I think it is great to see how an initial thought from a member can become a very strong asset to the project when shared and discussed with the rest of the group. I think that working in groups does make a concept stronger because by having multiple people thinking and sharing their ideas, then more questions arise and different points of view come to float. I’m not going to say that working in groups is easy, because it is not. There is a lot of challenges to face and there is a lot of personality clashes. However, if one is able to pass over that and if everyone is willing to put the effort and work, then group projects can be very successful. I really enjoyed working in a group and I believe that I got to learn a lot from the experience as well as from my classmates. I think it really helps because it allows me to see how I work with others and it challenges me to stay calm, be patient, and understand other people to make things work out while enjoying the process of making it as well. I really enjoyed working with each and everyone of you and I think we did a pretty good job!

My Bestfriend is an Introvert! (Susan Cain’s Review)

My best friend is an introvert. During our junior high and high school years many of our peers casted her off as the “shy girl” who blended into the background. However, from the very first day I met her I was intrigued. It was her absolute intention of keeping herself isolated from others that drew me to want to get to know her. Today me and my best friend are still the complete opposites yet are almost identical in the way we think. Susan Cain’s TedTalk “The Power of Introverts”, reminded me of how I am naturally attracted to introverted individuals. As an extrovert I for some reason cannot stand being around other loud, obnoxious overpowering people. Susan Cain’s TED Talk focuses on the glorification of extroverted individuals and how many of life’s engrained systems are engrained to catered to the extroverted individual, while introverts are looked down upon.

Cain states “There is zero correlation between being the best talker and having the best ideas”. It is undoubtedly true that today many people are mesmerized by a person able to assert themselves and put on a show of charisma. While this skill is desirable it does not necessarily mean that person is able to follow through and live up to expectations or bring real substance to the table. Later on Cain dismisses the idea of constant group work in the workplace and in schools. Cain believes in the power of introverts and believes they can thrive if they are allowed to function without the interruption of others. By the end of her talk, Cain encourages extrovert to “speak softly”, meaning to remain the introverted being they are but to never let themselves get lost in the crowd or overpowered by extroverts.

Cain’s ideas on introversion are incredibly thought provoking and should be taken into consideration all across the board. In my opinion, employers almost fetishize extroverts and believe their natural inclination to speak with people make them the most effective when it comes to gaining sales. This is not true. In my experience of working in a variety of retail settings, I have seen the most soft-spoken people have deep genuine connections with people than that of extroverts. As an advertising student people do not like to feel like they are being begged to make a purchase and that is often times how extroverts come across. An introvert who is well versed and knowledgeable can have an even greater impact on a person that an extrovert who is charismatic and charming. Cain’s championing of the introvert should be done on a much grander scale. This changing of group think when it comes to the favoritism of extrovert could impact age old systems and idea people have held for centuries.