The Daily Effect of Social Media

Week #2 Social Media by Gina Son

Social media affects my day to day tremendously. From when I wake up to when I go to bed, I make sure I am caught up with social media for that day. Being an advertiser, I believe it is so crucial to know what is going on in the world, and to be up to date with social media. Instagram and Snapchat are definitely my two favorite social media outputs, but I also have a Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest.

I believe that being up to date with social media helps us be a head of the game. Knowing the emerging trends, and what is popular helps us as marketers sell what people want. Social media gets more important year after year.

There are however positives and negatives to social media. Some people become so used to social media being there only way of communication, they become awkward in real life situations. I think it’s much more important be able to be just as or more social in real life than on social media.

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Although there are negatives to social media on a day-to-day basis, I think all in all social media is very important in an advertiser’s life. Knowing what is popular and what the trends are crucial when creating ideas for future brands. – This article shares all the positives and negatives of day-to-day social media. It is a fascinating article that I believe teens should read. Having social media in our lives is important but there is a point when social media controls and dictates our lives, and people need to know to what extent is too much.

I feel that some days I am on social media far too much, but I also know when to step away from it and be in a state of simpler times. I would say that I know a lot about emerging trends and what is popular right now, because I keep up with social media, but I know the fine line between being up to date and letting social media control my life.

My advice would be to stay up to date, but when you feel like social media is running your life, step away from all your electronics and embrace the beauty of simpler things. Go outside, go to the park, and just enjoy the moments that weren’t controlled by media.

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One thought on “The Daily Effect of Social Media”

  1. Not sure about the “going outside”, but you made some great points about social media causing some people to become anti-social. I have a few friends back home that present themselves as incredibly outgoing and talkative but refuse to participate in social situations in the physical world. Such a shame.


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