Social media has impacted my life through multiple mediums. Today we can easily access any social network through various devices such as smartphones, computers, tablets, and even televisions. I constantly know what is going on around me, and I constantly know what is going on around the world. I am always being updated on trending topics, current events, and latest fashions. Social media allows access to instant communication, and inspiration. You can follow or be followed. You have the opportunity to share personal information based on your own interests. You are free to express your own individual voiced opinions.

There is a constant input of new media content that is being uploaded on social platforms. News feeds keep current worldwide events live streaming with the most up-to-date news 24/7. The media content that is uploaded is essentially unfiltered. News on via Twitter could be more current than the news on TV. News has taken a first person point of view, and is more intimate than ever. News feeds can be tailored so that news becomes more relevant to your local location. For example, I can easily check to see what the weather is like here or back at home! We may be immediately notified and alerted with set news. We may be immediately interrupted with broadcast news. Social media is a powerful tool.

I use social media to stay current and connected. I use social media as a tool for knowledge and inspiration. Each day I interact with social media at my own convenience. Social media is an extension of formal communication. Each day I try to learn something new, meet someone new, or listen to something new through via social media. Social media is an intertwined network of communities. Relationships and associations can be established on networks. Social media is a representation of us. We create our own world by our personal interaction experiences shared. Social media networks allow users parallel real world interactions.

My social media experiences have made my daily life essentially more convenient. Social media reminders are very beneficial! During a group class assignment, we have used social media to relay relative pertinent information passed along within a timely manner to stay on scheduled timeline. Social media is a consistent platform that sets a guideline standard. The audiences on social networks can be altered. Document files can be shared and downloaded with a selected audience on the platform. Social networks can be trusted and secured.

Social media does have a purpose; you just have to know how to properly use the chosen form of social media. Social media allows us to connect and relate to one another. We can expose and promote our own brands. Upon graduating, I plan on maximizing my use of social media. I want to create social media platforms that are strictly professional. I want to use social media to possibly get a job! It is a great source for job hunting! I would love get an advertising title in social media. I would love to tweet for a company I love! Social media gives us a voice.


One thought on “BLOG 2: SOCIAL MEDIA & MY LIFE”

  1. I agree that social media is a powerful tool that is now so personal we can learn what we want when we want it. I wouldn’t go as far to say that social media is secure, which is why I always strive to edit my social media accounts. Especially with news nowadays about accounts being hacked and personal information being shared, I think we should all take extra care not to post every little thing that could end up being harmful to our lives one day.


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