Client Education and Post-Launch Success by DREW THOMAS / Blog Post #1 / Gemma Alcodori

Companies have been making a great effort to go digital the past 15 years, and digital agencies have the big responsibility to help achieve the companies’ digital goals. Drew Thomas, chief creative officer and a founder of digital agency Brolik, talks in his article about the negative consequences of not educating your client about the new digital platforms that agencies create. The agency creates a set of innovating tools for the company such as content creation, management and analysis, tagging systems, websites, apps, social media platforms, audience research, search and display advertising, maintenance, and all kinds of analysis and reports, and despite all the new improvements, Thomas argues, it is not only the company’s responsibility to endure its success after the launch of the project. It is part of the agency’s task to educate the client by creating instructional PDFs, training workshops, interactive guides, etc. Thomas discusses that the more adapt the clients are at putting those tool in use, the better the agency’s results perform, and anything that drives their success ultimately drives the agency’s. More and more agencies have been implementing digital strategy retainers on-going projects for their clients which has been creating long-term relationships that benefit both parties.

I actually have a personal story related to this. I did a small freelance work for an aspiring fashion designer who wanted to create a set of designs to print in t-shirts and hoodies. She gave me the reference image, so the ideation process was limited on my side. Fig 1. I highly recommended her to do something with the headphones, but she loved it just like this. Fig 2. She got back to me weeks later worried that she was only allowed to print in three colors (black and white for the lion, and one color for the headphones), and that she needed the work done the same day. She told me that the designer working with them was willing to help, and this is was the result image. Fig 3. I understand that the specific circumstances of this case are not exactly comparable to an agency’s, but I felt that my work was not well used by my client after production. Your judgement. 

In a larger scale I could just not image the devastating consequences of an agency doing a heck of a project and then the client not continuing the well-built new strategy.

Reference Image
Reference Image Fig 1
My final work. Fig 2
My final work. Fig 2
Their final version. Fig 3
Their final version. Fig 3

Kia_Lion_Dark BrckgroundI wouldn’t buy this…


One thought on “Client Education and Post-Launch Success by DREW THOMAS / Blog Post #1 / Gemma Alcodori”

  1. I think agencies and other companies have lached on to feed off of the information we give them through our social profiles. Facebook is the largest data collection and survey server in the world and it could be used to influence our everyday life. I think about how much someone could find out about me if they watched my profile online for a week or so. People do not protect themselves as much as they should and I hope there are others out there helping those open books to protect what is important.


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