“I share, therefore I am” / Blog Post #2 / Gemma Alcodori


I highly recommend this TED Talk in Big Data if you missed the lecture the other day. Extremely worth it if you care about how data is, in fact, going to change the way we live.

I checked my Klout score, and I have a sad 10/100 for now, but it says that it takes about 2-3 days to gather all your information. I am not surprised though, because I am mostly an Instagram and Facebook user, and I am just a liker and hastaguer.

In the bad side, I believe social media has unconsciously made us believe that our reality is less interesting than the story we will tell about it in Facebook, and that our identities are increasingly situated, conditional, and optional. The meaning of privacy is slowing changing to “to who I want  or not to share this” and future generations will have a different sense of socializing. However, social media has empowered us with so much potential to influence, to share, to report, to discover, to learn more than we have ever been able to, and we should be taking advantage of it for the better. Social media (data) has been slowing changing the way markets work, and included in that is our industry. Back in the 50’s -60’s advertising was all about the product, and how great it was. Later, with the creation of more brands and the need to have brand positioning, the industry turned the scale towards making the brand such an important piece of our experience that the consumer could happily and proudly identify with it. In the 20th century and with the creating of the web, the consumer has been getting smarter in many ways. Now we can shut commercials and ads, and there are ad-blocker softwares available in the market. The focus is not the product neither the brand, it is the consumer. Social media has allowed us to break the walls of demographics. Although demographic analysis will always be important, psychographic groups are done in such detailed because of how much we share in social media platforms, which in essence refers back to basic human-to-human interaction. I will rather know that you are a Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan than how old are you, and so do advertising agencies.


2 thoughts on ““I share, therefore I am” / Blog Post #2 / Gemma Alcodori”

  1. I agree that social media has created a sense of loss of reality. Growing up I feel so blessed to be able to grow up without technology, unlike the younger generation today growing up with social media and technology at such a young age. I look back and reminisce on the beauty of nature and playing outside without checking my Facebook and Instagram constantly. However, now I am pretty much always by my phone. There are times when I don’t take it with me to escape from technology and social media, but as an advertiser and soon to be blogger I know it is crucial for me to keep up to date on social media.


  2. Yea I definitely agree with you that social media at times makes our realities seem dull. I think because we have access to so many others, we compare our lives almost instantly. That’s why I kinda don’t like instagram. It seems so showy and commercial. Plus yea the klout score will go up. I check mine today and it was 12 points higher.


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