My Life & Social Media – Week 2 / Dustin Bramlett

Blog Post 2

Have you ever just sat down and thought about how your life is different today, than what it is like five or ten years ago? How about your social media activity? It is interesting to think Twitter was founded just nine years ago in 2006. And Facebook was founded eleven years ago in 2004.2014-06-millennials

Growing up, social media was non-existent to me. It was not until I got my iPod touch, that I truly began to discover multiple social media outlets. However, that was replaced soon after by my iPhone. I originally just started out with a Facebook back in 2008-09, but since then I have grown into multiple social media platforms.

A typical day starts off with me going through my twitter feed and catching up on all of the current events and news. I choose to follow multiple news outlets and an array of diverse blogs to keep me up to date on everything. This allows me to read multiple perspectives of a particular subject, and not just after one ignorant or biased option. After I get done catching up on my twitter feed in the morning, I will most likely not get back on until later in the day or the next morning. Facebook on the other hand I use more for pleasure. While Twitter is where I retweet and tweet about current events and news, I use Facebook more so to keep in touch with family and friends. I do this by commenting and posting about more personal matters, and do minimal posts/shares about breaking news and current events on Facebook. I have recently in the past year opened up even more and got a Linkedin, Instagram, and Snapchat account that I may use only once or twice a week.

I also have a Pinterest and Google+ account (I think I still do) but never actually post on them. I use Pinterest for more of a creative brainstorming outlet. Sometimes to just see ideas or to research an idea that I have, to see if it has ever been done. However I have my Google+ account solely because of one friend that wanted me to get one a long time ago. I learned that Google+ helps to keep my Gmail accounts up-to-date, so I have just kept it.

One social media outlet that I gave a try when it was very popular, but eventually gave up on was Vine. It was fun to watch the six-second videos, but I found myself only making two videos and never making time to even open the app. My Vine career was very short!

A new social media outlet that I have been looking into is Tumblr. I find it useful when looking up different topics and want to get the opinions of others about a subject matter, however I am not sure how strong my posting presence will be.

As a millennial and an advertising major, I find social media to be an extremely useful tool. So much information, knowledge, and resources can be found on any of these outlets. In our industry I understand the importance of other people’s opinions, thoughts, and knowledge  about different subjects. People that I follow can lead me to undiscovered facts and/or unusual  ideas or interpretations about a particular subject matter. I find that extremely interesting and helpful! Look at the different charts I included at the bottom to give you a better understanding of how social network plays a huge role in content discovery, to how many devices millennials use on a daily basis, which are used to access different social media platforms.





One thought on “My Life & Social Media – Week 2 / Dustin Bramlett”

  1. I agree that my daily news is found on my social media. It is my wakeup call and it helps me connect with others. I also grew up without social media and had to quickly adjust to the takeover of social technology.


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