Social Media and I (#2)

I don’t think I noticed.
They way it slipped in and took over my life.
I think I was too excited at the possibility of
someone else keeping me company. I’d grown
tired of misery and this new attention was
blinding. Gave me access to others I’d never
known about, worlds I’d never explored. So I gave in
completely. No hesitation and the next thing I knew,
social media was running my life.

But I’m finding that I’m ok with that. I use it as a way to show the
parts of me I don’t daily. I talk about my past and the fears I face
as well as my victories. I use social media as a blog. It’s personal
as well as public. I don’t think that its a bad thing because so many
people tell me they love my posts. It’s comforting to know that others
are rooting for you.I also like it because I don’t feel alone. I’ve
never been a family person but with social media I feel as though
I have one. People have cried and laughed with me. They’ve watched
me grow and I them. I think that social media is an amazing tool when
used wisely. I know so many success stories or positive influences
like Humans of New York. A facebook blog that documents people’s lives.

But I also think that like anything else, social media can be used
wrongly, the only time it annoys me. When people abuse it or attack
others with it. I’ve been a victim of people attacking my facebook
page because they disagreed with something that I stated. The thing
about social media is although there is a screen separating us all,
the interactions are still very much real. The one social media medium
I’ll say that isn’t always real is instagram.

I’ve started to use it more heavily recently and from it I can see that
a lot of it is posed. Mostly facades and fantasies. We put up our best
face or fake faces on that site. As if it’s too public for you to look
bad. I haven’t figured out how to get the most out of it yet. But I will
and when I do. Ohhh ho hoy! I plan to make videos and show more
images of my chains. I don’t want it to document my life, because I
prefer words for that. But I do want it to hold my creative endeavors.
So I need to figure it out, cause right now my klout score is only 63.

But in all. Social media and I have a great relationship and I’m glad I have it as an outlet.


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I'm just a person tired of standard. The everyday required. Society expectations. So I'm going against it...... or at least writing about it

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