Social Media’s Influence: by Chris Stuart

Social Media has had an enormous impact on my everyday life. I have quickly noticed how many times in one day that I click on that blue Facebook icon and scroll through my newsfeed to see what is new that hour. I learn about the current news, social trends and movements, and whatever crazy thing some celebrity has done. I spend a good part of the day experiencing and communicating through social media and I cannot comprehend what it would be like to not have these outlets. On breaks I instantly check my phone to see what messages I can respond too and what videos I can watch in a short time. I think social media has impacted my social life in positive and negative ways.

Sometimes I miss out on person to person interaction when I am looking down at my phone or surfing the internet. Accessibility for me has led to my inaccessibility to others. On the other hand, using social medias I have more access to people that I otherwise would have never met and I get an opportunity to be exposed to more than other generations. I use my smartphone when I first wake up to see what is new and its is the last thing I look at before I go to sleep. Maybe social media has latched on like a leech to feed off of our/my need to constantly experience new things. It could be unhealthy to always be looking down during the day and connect more to a screen than another social outlet like sports or a social club. The new generation is obsessed with the internet and tv networks are now making programs about how we experience social media and technology.

Social media is a fantastic way to create awareness for social problems and solutions and to help raise numbers for a cause. It is a great way understand current topics and be able to discuss where the nation and its people are going. Politics, religion, and war can all be seen in a matter of seconds scrolling through different medias and I find that such a unique blend is a great way to help an individual develop opinions and thoughts to form their life.

From morning wakeup calls to goodnight reads social media has become my imaginary friend that knows everything. I am constantly paying more attention to him than others in my life and I think I need to find a better balance.


One thought on “Social Media’s Influence: by Chris Stuart”

  1. I can totally relate to how social media has become like an imaginary friend. It has definitely become a buddy of mine! All too often I turn to my Facebook and Twitter feed to learn something new. I do agree with you though, we must have a balance between our actual face to face interactions to that of social media. This reminds me of the video Prof. Gauri presented to us in Creative Concepting, “Disconnect to Connect.” It’s a shame if we neglect those that mean the most to us with our pal social media.

    Don’t let it control you, you control it! LOL, okay I’m off my rant.

    Here’s the link to the video:


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