Surviving Social Media

Week 2 / Social Media / Chris Sallas

Social Media is no longer an optional hobby that some can partake in, but rather a requirement of the new technological world we live in.  I, along with everyone else, am not immune or new to this inter-connected world.  While I do not have accounts for every social media platform that comes and goes (Instagram being the most prominent), I have joined such sites as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to not only check in on what friends and family are doing, but also to gain experience on how to navigate through the social world for a professional outlet.

I check my social media everyday, and sometimes multiple times a day, to keep up with events in the world and in my social circle. Fortunately for myself, I get my news from more respected news outlets in the morning.  However, I have seen many stories and articles first through social media.  The first time I had read about Robin Williams passing this last year was through Twitter and Facebook timelines.  I always check multiple sources after learning news through these outlets, but the original source has definitely affected my life.

I am not one to post every day on Facebook, but I check up on it regularly because it keeps me connected with people I haven’t seen in years and can gain perspective on where different people are going with their lives.  It also helps me keep up with future business connections.  I have kept in contact with a few people who I have spoken to about possible internships that I have known for years but haven’t seen because I moved for school.  Social Media is not only helping me be socially connected with old friends, but new coworkers as well.

Social Media has plenty of negatives, though.  I monitor my accounts regularly to make sure that people connected with me aren’t posting negatively about me or post things that have no business on the web.  I am not saying that I do things that are suspicious or illegal, but I would rather my personality around my friends not have any affect on my professional manner.  Plenty of people’s lives have been ruined by social media which is why I choose my friends and posts carefully every day.  One of the main reasons I do not have an Instagram account is that I have seen people who have lost jobs and other valuable things to them because of a picture someone took without their permission and posted it online, and then tagged them in it.  That is why I make sure to untag or delete photos of myself online if they were taken out of context or without my permission.

Overall, social media is a great tool to connect with friends, family, and business connections, but it should be followed closely when you can to prevent harmful information or photos from being posted.  Also, social media has changed the world around us, so secluding yourself or avoiding the medium can be a costly mistake, both in the personal and business world.


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Chris Sallas

Chris Sallas is a copywriter and marketer with a Bachelor's in Advertising from SCAD Atlanta, looking to inspire the world one subtly placed pun at a time.

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