Microsites: Chris Stuart

1. BankHumanAgain.com – TD Bank


“In a new ad campaign that broke the first of this year, TD tells consumers it’s “time to bank human… again.” But what does that mean? Free pens and lollipops. The campaign seems innocuous, but it raises tough questions for TD’s brand.”

“Ever wanted to make a deposit while enjoying a lollipop then keep the pen when you’re done? At TD Bank, it’s an option. You can even bring your dog.”
– TD Bank Microsite



2. EmojiTracker.com – Matthew Rothenberg

“Created in Japan by Shigetaka Kurita, emoji were meant as a way to help teenagers personalize text messages to one another and allow the new e-mail craze to have a more personal touch.”

This site acts as a basic tracker to understand what emojis are trending and how many people are using them at one time. This live data is very important to creative teams when they make a new emoji or series to add on mobil devises.

3. Virgin Mobil

“Virgin Mobile is another content marketing superstar. Their recently-launched Virgin Mobile Feed is a social newsroom that publishes a variety of content every day ranging from new music, to funny articles, to web memes.”

The site averages over a million unique views per month and distributes its content across a number of social media platforms including Facebook, Buzzfeed, Twitter, and Instagram. The content is very much in line with the company’s younger demographic base, and as a result it enjoys a significant amount of social shares and user engagement.

A spotify like site that lets you stream current music for free, I think Virgin Mobil is doing a great job showing trending topics and staying current with a younger audience.

4. ElfYourself.com – OfficeMax


Elf yourself is a fun social trend site that lets you put an image of your friend or animal and it superimposes it onto a dancing elf. This was most popular during the holiday season and led to many embarrassing and comedic videos for the family to share.


5. AYGO 360  – article image site
“On Tuesday, Toyota introduced “AYGO 360” — and it only works on mobile. Created by Isobar, the site uses phones’ gyroscopic features so you can walk around the exterior of the car, then jump into the driver’s seat as if it was for real.”


The most advanced microsite I have seen to date. This Toyota sponsored interactive site proves the design is what makes a product successful. Navigating through here is an exciting experience and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it. Every graphic and little detail combines to make a fluid and seamless site.


One thought on “Microsites: Chris Stuart”

  1. I also wrote about ElfYourself. That microsite is made so intelligently and creatively. If someone can create a microsite that can create memorable, humorous times with family and friends during holidays is bound to be successful. I, myself love using emojis when texting my friends and family. I didn’t know that there was a microsite to track which are trending. That is creative and smart for the creators.


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