Blog Post #3 Microsites ~ Gema Alcodori

1. This microsite from Simply Business offers plenty of information, and users can choose which topics they want to learn more about; though all of it directly pertains to guiding them in getting more from their website. #neutral #young #connected #friendly #informational  LINK


2. This home security guide from Simply Safe uses a creative analogy and stylistic illustration to show users how to protect themselves. Its scrolling system provides an appealing and interactive visual sequence. #artistic #interactive #young #easytonavigate #bold LINK


3. Tiffany & Co.: What Makes Love True

True Love in Pictures, where Tiffany romantics could share photos via hashtag #truelovepictures or #timelesstruelove. Tiffany curates the best of these user-generated photos and displays them on the microsite. #romantic #sweet #classic #traditional #gridsystem LINK


4. Volkswagen: Why VW

Known for their cheeky campaigns, Volkswagen (VW) launched a “Why VW” campaign focused around sharing their consumers’ passion for their brand and products. The campaign included commercials, web ads, and a campaign microsite/social media platform where users could share their stories about experiences with, and love for the brand. #bold #modern #personal #imagebase #emotional LINK


5. Nike: #GetLacedUp Snowboarding

Nike wanted to create and house buzz around their release of Zoom Ites 3. With more than 16,000 followers on Instagram and boarders ready to hit the slopes, Nike saw a great opportunity to engage their fans.

With that in mind, Nike Snowboarding created a microsite dedicated to promoting Zoom Ites 3 with the hashtag #GetLacedUp using Postano to display the plethora of visual content.   LINK #bold #visualdriven #attractive #sporty #young

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 9.23.30 PM


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