My Five Favorite Microsites.

  1. Cocoa-Cola has come up with many creative ideas for microsites, but one of my favorites was when they launched “The Ahh Effect”. This microsite idea was so creative and different. It was a set of 61-and-growing microsites. Each site had a different URL, with a different number of “h’s” at the end of the “ah”. My favorite one of the “ah” microsites was the bottle rocket page, in which you got to from entering three “h’s”. It was a fun game that let you fill up a Coke bottle rocket and then laugh it. This creative microsite project was created by Wieden & Kennedy Portland. Five key words that I think of for “The Ahh Effect” are #Happiness, #TheAhhEffect, #CokeGame, #OpenHappiness, and #CocaCola.


  1. One of my favorite designers, Michael Kors created an “All-Access Kors” microsite. This creative microsite was designed to let site visitors the impression that they were viewing the live fashion show, and actively tweet about the catwalk without the site by using the sidebar Twitter application. I love the bottom left corner, which was another live view of Michael Kors himself and the models before they hit the runway. This microsite is one of my favorites and may inspire my microsite for project 2. Having a life social media feed is such a smart idea because viewers get to interact with the brand and other people who are fans just like them. Five key words that I think of are #Fashion, #FashionShow, #Beauty, #AllAccess, and #Fierce.


  1. One of the most popular microsites is the one of Burger King. The Subservient Chicken, CP+B’s creative and outstanding innovative campaign for Burger King. It has been over a decade since this comical microsite was created. It let visitors of the site type in commands and watch a huge chicken fulfill them. The brand actually brought the chicken back again ten years later. The talented David Ogilvy created the original idea. Five key words I think of are #Servient, #Chicken, #FastFood, #Funny, and #Interactive.


  1. Fendi also created a successful microsite to launch during the Milan Fashion Week to increase the brand awareness. Fendi’s microsite was an effective channel to give back to their biggest fans. It allowed fashionistas all over the world to live stream the brand’s Milan fashion show without having to leave their desks. The design layout of the site stays true to Fendi and the fashion statement they have made for years. Five key words that I think of are #MilanFashionWeek, #Fashion, #Beauty, #Fierce, and #Models.

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.13.00 PM

  1. Lastly, one of my favorite childhood memories- the ElfYourself microsite created for Office Max. Year after year, the ElfYourself microsite finds success. Something about becoming a little elf and dancing just seems to really bring the holiday cheer. In 2011, after half a billion people had “efled” themselves, Forbes called it the “all time digital holiday campaign.” It truly brought Office Max’s brand to life for the consumers. They let their microsite be creative and it helped the view on Office Max change for the better. Five key words I think of are #Funny, #HolidayFun, #DancingElf, #HolidayCheers, and #Christmas.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 11.22.05 PM

2 thoughts on “My Five Favorite Microsites.”

  1. Great Examples! I have never seen or experienced the Michael Kors or Fendi microsite before. I think both are very successful in the way they incorporate social media and their target markets. And I too really enjoy the Elf Yourself campaign Office Max/Depot has done for the last several years. It will always put a smile on your face! You know when something can survive year after year with very little updating, that it’s a piece of greatness!


  2. I love how playful the Coke microsites are. There are so many of them! The “Ahh Effect” has a strong design theme that really pops, compared to the original coke homepage.
    I appriciate your Michael Kors and Fendi microsite examples. I think it is important to stress the capability of live streaming. Basically, your microsite is a miniature TV station!


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