5 Mega-Micros

Blog Week 3 / Chris Sallas

1.  Why VW


Why VW was a great microsite created by Volkswagen to give consumers a chance to share their experiences and stories about how owning a Volkswagen has affected their lives.  By creating the basis of the site and allowing it to be filled by user-generated content, Volkswagen gave themselves free publicity.  It also allowed users to create stories about adventures they could go on if they purchased their own VW.

2.  #GetLacedUp


Nike Snowboarding created this microsite to promote their new product, Zoom Ites 3.  They wanted to reach their followers on Instagram and other social media platforms, so they came up with the hashtag “#GetLacedUp” to get the fans involved and showcase the visual features of the product.  The site also features photos of snowboarding athletes wearing the snow shoes in competition.

3.  Virgin Mobile Feed


Virgin Mobile launched this microsite to post music, articles and memes across several social media platforms in order to connect with their target audience.  The site allows for sharing content to Facebook, Twitter and other sites and sees about a million individual visits each month.

4.  Coca Cola Live Positivity


Live Positivity is an initiative by Coca Cola in order to promote environmentalism and encourage obesity reduction.  It lists several community events that people can participate in and donate to several charities linked with Coke.  The site was created to further link Coke with social responsibility and by allowing users to connect with the brand’s evironmental stance.

5.  General Mills’ Tablespoon


The Tablespoon microsite allows users to read a slew of recipes and share them through many social media sites and allow members of the sites to post their own recipes.  Most of the recipes created for the site include General Mills’ products, and feature buttons on each recipe page for users to share with their friends.  Then, the site sends out a weekly newsletter that highlights the most shared, most popular and newest recipes to users.



Published by

Chris Sallas

Chris Sallas is a copywriter and marketer with a Bachelor's in Advertising from SCAD Atlanta, looking to inspire the world one subtly placed pun at a time.

One thought on “5 Mega-Micros”

  1. The Why VW is one of my favorite microsites. It really captures the heart of viewers in a creative way that no other car company has. I don’t know if it is the same microsite or different, but VW did a campaign with the man with the oldest VW. VW comes up with such creative, emotional ideas that really capture the attention of the viewers.


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