Blog #4 – 20 examples! Gema Alcodori

Thanks! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Blog #4 – 20 examples! Gema Alcodori”

  1. Really like a lot of the hand designed examples you showcased on your site but I especially liked the one for Pop Art Studio. Maybe its because it advertises a few graphic designers and coders who primarily work online by sketching by hand, but it seemed very effective and creative to me. Also, I like the design for Pompaneo. I don’t know exactly why for that one, but the cartoons were pretty cool. That’s the only explanation I have.


  2. Good examples! The one that jumped out to me the most was your first one from Biola. I Thought they did a great job incorporating illustration not just as an image, but through type as well. The illustrated scroll banner and all the supporting banners at the top adds great visual interest to the page, and builds on a sense of cohesion and thoughtfulness behind the design. The main artwork in the middle just proves how perfect this example is for the assignment by integrating many physical qualities.


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