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Chris Sallas

Chris Sallas is a copywriter and marketer with a Bachelor's in Advertising from SCAD Atlanta, looking to inspire the world one subtly placed pun at a time.

2 thoughts on “Chris Sallas / Week 4 Blog / 20 Sites”

  1. I think all of your examples portray a variety of physical qualities very well. The one that my eye continues to revert back to is the “BootB” one. The illustrations are simple yet impactfull. It has just enough color to lead your eye around the curve and to draw your attention to the important areas, but does not take away from the awesomely simple illustrated world in the middle. I think the chalk adds character and a sense of playfulness to the site.


  2. Hi! I have to say, the one that definitely stood out the most was the Deborah Cavenaugh website one. Such great combination of colors and shapes, it is fresh, attractive, and in my opinion that type of design is hard to forget. Maybe the inner web design needs some more work, but the way they incorporated the art was beautifully done. Another one of your examples that also stood out to me was the Both Portfolio. It feels really narrative, and it makes me really curious to see where the story is going..which I guess it makes it a successful design if it draws the viewer in! Great choices!


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