Klout : Week #2 by Ariana Akmal

Klout measures your rank in the social media world by using your social data to create a unique Klout Score. The score ranges from 1-100, and the higher the number, the stronger your online social influence is.

As an Advertising major, as disappointing it may sound, I received a score of 15. However, I am not too surprised with this score. A combination of barely posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and never posting on Google+ or Wikipedia, I wouldn’t expect any less. As much as I am not a fan of social media, I see the importance of having a high score. I think it’s more important now than it was five years ago, and I also believe it will continue to grow. Some businesses use tools like Klout to measure the social influence of someone before hiring them. Especially if you are going for a Social Media position. Because this tool is being used a lot more now, this effects mainly the millennial. Millennial includes us, the people that are reaching adulthood, and the ones that are reaching  young adulthood. We are the target.

As digital media rises, the more Klout Score will be relevant. Now, this may mean that there are some people who artificially behave on social media, or it means it’s an opportunity to fake out employers. After reading about Klout and learning the knowledge about it, it affected my thoughts on the importance of being active in social media outlets. Especially if you’re looking for a specific job, looking to get discounts from certain stores, or even looking for a room upgrade in Vegas, your Klout score can affect you.

Not everyone is ecstatic about an algorithm that determines what jobs they can get, but I think it’s important to understand that these employers just want a larger following, and you can’t blame them for that. Even if you are behaving fake on social media, as long as you have a larger following, advertising can rise. Companies want a larger audience, national or international, and online influence can really affect their business. And Klout isn’t as useless as it may seem. They actually help you higher your score by providing content that YOU may want to share. This can help you get all the perks that you may want. It can help you network and connect with certain people in your field. It can also allow you to reach a larger following with means whether you want it or not, you can get very popular with things you post. You can actually influence people around the world, whether you’re an advertiser, an author, actor, or marketing professionals. Most decisions are based on influence, people read reviews before purchasing, and Klout will allow you to have the power to influence.

So as a result, I will aim to higher my Klout score by engaging in social media and being consistent on it. I think it’s really important to connect with your audience than just posting things and let it sail away.


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