Blog Post 6: Web Type and Responsive Design

Responsive and Typographic sites help create a strong brand image and create interest in

The first example I have of a site managing type well and also using it as its content is Type Theory.

This creative reference site has helped me in the past and it is one of the many that promotes all the creative things we can so with type.

My responsive site is:

The parallax effect has become very popular in web design and I think the way the main image switches in the back and also how smooth the age scrolls integrates responsive design in a seamless way.

Other type and responsive sites are:


One thought on “Blog Post 6: Web Type and Responsive Design”

  1. I think both of your examples work. The type theory site is clean and straightforward, which is good when considering type placement and alignment. Your responsive site has nice features that make it very interesting and more responsive than other sites. For example, how to the navigation bar is also included in the parallax effect and as you scroll down you go through the different tabs within the nav bar.


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