Typography and Responsive Websites

After watching the two videos on lynda.com, I found a couple examples of fantastic typography based websites and a couple creative responsive websites as well.

The two typography based websites that I found were very strong are http://www.endzeit-ausstellung.de/ and http://www.hugeinc.com/

http://morehazards.com/ not only has strong typography but is very responsive as well.

http://www.thrivesolo.com/ also is very responsive, but the typography design is not as creative, but remains clean throughout the website.


2 thoughts on “Typography and Responsive Websites”

  1. I really liked the site morehazards.com since the typography is very visually interesting and the design of the site is unlike any I’ve seen for a musical group or album promotion. Hugeinc.com was also pretty cool with the first three slide-like statements that lead into the actual site. Overall, the site choices were really interesting and I though they fit well into the assignment. Double thumbs up


  2. Oh man! That first one is epic! I think it was endzeit? Although I cant understand a word it says I dig the responsive elements and they way that they intertwined the type is ingenious! So cool!


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