Blog Post #7 & #8 Gema Alcodori


My pick: Wi-Fi to track people moving around  by Fadel Adib (25)


What I particularly liked about this “innovation” is that it’s a smart idea to collect consumer behaviour data in an already existing and globally established technology like wifi. It is a realistic parameter and platform for companies to study their consumers.

Think for instance Target. Just like any other store nowadays it offers free wifi, and most people has set up in their smartphones to automatically detect wifi signals and connect to them. In the case of a need of more people connecting to the store wifi it would be easy to create a discount campaign were if you log in in the Target wifi you will get 10% off your purchase. Then Target can learn about the way their consumers navigate the store, and create in depth studies of the most walked routes and experiment with sales placements. I am aware that the industry already does in depth studies of product placement in stores, but this could be escalated to the way people navigates malls, hospitals, university campuses, cities. The possibilities are endless, and if the results of the tracking data are used to improve our experiences in this world then I think this a small step in making our lives easier.


Voices Against Violence

Done by the agency McCann New York, Voices Against Violence built an innovative, new platform that not only enabled people to actively voice their support, but also turned their voices into unique social currency. The result is the world’s first petition you sign with your voice, and the invention of the personalized Voice Signature. I think this is extremely valuable to our society, where the decliment of face to face interactions due to digital platforms is making our physical voice lose its power. Back in the days such statement was more than common in an of honor “I give you my word”, when was the last time your voice and word held as much power as that statement does? Voices Against Violence is a new fresh interactive platform where you can perform the power of your word.

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2 thoughts on “Blog Post #7 & #8 Gema Alcodori”

  1. I like the idea of wifi tracking for things like law enforcement and taking down criminals but I just immediately think that it gives the government too much reason to watch everything we do even more than they already are (insert conspiracy theory here). I also like the voice signature for the same reason you stated, since we have moved to communication online more and more and away from physical interactions.


  2. This campaign is such a good idea- it stands for such a powerful stance. I think them giving people a voice through social media can be a powerful device mechanism. I agree that face to face interaction is getting lost and people are using the web for communication much more.


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