Blog Post #7

“An expert on wireless technology figures out how to power devices without batteries.”

Shyam Gollakota is an assistant professor in the wireless lab at the University of Washington. Gollakota has discovered a way for wireless devices to operate without batteries. Gollakota has developed a prototype device that is powered by alternatively reflecting and absorbing ambient radio signals. When the device absorbs the ambient waves enough energy is collected to power chips, sensors, and LEDs. When the device reflects the ambient waves data signals can be detected by corresponding nearby devices. These battery-free devices can power smartphones and  even connect to the internet!  This is a groundbreaking technology that uses excess energy in the air efficiently. This is relevant because in parts of the world there is a lack of electricity, yet there is an abundance of available cellular coverage.

I think that this technology would make a drastic difference in the consumer market. No more batteries! Devices are internally powered by the essential wireless function the device preforms. Communication would peak, and the conversation would be ever-going because the technology would never die. This technology creates smaller, yet stronger intertwined network. The idea of not relying on batteries makes the product more reliable to the consumer. There would be a high demand for this product on the market. Depending on the lifespan of the actual device, this  would determine how the market for this technology could grow.


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