Blogging for Your Business

A blog is a place where an individual of group of people post and share updates using a number of different forms of media that appear chronologically on a webpage. Blogs were one of the first types of webpages on the internet, used to categorize peoples lives and interests into digestible daily or sporadic videos, writing, audio, or photographic updates. Since their inception, blogs have been used for many purposes as they are easy to manage for new users, but highly customizable for more expert users. For businesses, blogs are good for cultivating a community of involved users who comment on and follow the blog posts. Many companies today use blogs to interface with their existing and potential customers.

The unique aspect that blogs offer to a company or campaign is a more casual experience for the user, and also a more involved one. As opposed to a corporate website with no place for feedback, the blog format offers friendly opinion pieces, ideas, and discussion away from the carefully curated brand image. Many consumers today look to the web to find additional ways to interact with their favorite brands. Not only does a blog let users find more interesting details about their favorite brands, but also find other users with similar interest in the company.

As the advertising landscape changes to one where customers actively seek out brand experiences and conversations rather than being thrust into them — I.E. the television era — designers and creators must make spaces for consumers to congregate around products. In a way, the blog format is like the water cooler for fans of a brand or company. For existing owners of a product, a blog is an especially great way to continue offering new incentives to remain a fan of a brand or company.

While blogs are a great place for users to congregate away from the possibly intimidating brand image of a company, they are also helpful if users want to share content with other social platforms. By linking WordPress to sites like Facebook and Twitter, users can share content from the blog that they liked with other networks furthering the reach of the product with virtually no extra expenses.

At the end of the day, a blog is an additional method of communication that spurs PR and conversations about a brand that can be an open place for discussion. Blogs are an essential part of nearly any product or company as they take nothing away from the product, and offer a great deal of power and control for content providers as well as content connoisseurs. A blog is an excellent middle ground for users and companies to share their ideas with one another, and often create a more beneficial and positive experience.


2 thoughts on “Blogging for Your Business”

  1. Hey Peter,

    Very well written review. I’v always been aware of the impact of blogs, but when you break it down in such a way as you have you really begin to understand just how the blog has elevated the customers involvement and experience. In my opinion, people today have an obsession with being seen and heard, at least when it comes to the internet. It’s so much easier to type out your opinion than go out in the real world and say exactly what you’re thinking. Sometimes I just sit and read comments on blogs and we literally will argue with someone all day about our opinion when more than likely if they were sitting in front of us, we’d let it go or say nothing at all.


  2. Wow, I didn’t know blog was used for those various ways. Until learning about WordPress, I thought blog was something just like Facebook or Instagram where people put things such as, “What I ate today” and “Selfie”. But it seems like there are various ways to use blogs as the communication tools. And for real, I didn’t know blog was one of the oldest tools on websites! Great writing!


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