What is Social Media to Me?

The social media is a quiet of part in my everyday life. Even though I don’t really use the social media 24/7, I still use it frequently. I mostly use social media when I’m about to work, when I have to wake up or before going to sleep. So basically I use the social media for the waking up reason, and to procrastinate. And the interesting thing when I use the social media is, time flies and it’s like as if time zone changes. If I read few posts or watch small videos, few hours passes by on the blink of my eye.

Also, when I watch something in the social media, I start to believe that thing so easily. This part is really interesting. I wouldn’t really believe what people are saying to me on normal situations. I would say, “I’m not really sure if that is true. Do you have any proof?”. But when I see something on the social media such as, YouTube or Facebook, I would react like, “Wow!!! That is so cool. I didn’t know that. It’s always good to have more knowledge”. And that is irony, as I wouldn’t believe from the person in-front of me, yet I would believe some person on the social media that can not be verified and that I probably might not ever meet in my life. Those knowledge on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram could be published by 10 years old who might have written those information, just for the prank or fun.

So to me, the social media can affect me badly on the learning part. Most of people will agree that the social media is useful as they give lots of information and knowledge that will not be able to be learnt by a person in the real life. But that leads me to just try to search anything without even trying to learn it or trying to figure out they are true. Social media leads me to be blind.

That is not it. This might depend on each individual. But I’m easily affected by the social media on the emotional part as well as the learning part. If I see something sad on the social media, I become sad. On the contrast, if I see something happy on the social media, I become happy. I feel empathy and have all kinds of dramatic emotions from the posts or comments. My fiancee always says, “Jung, you believe everything in the social media. The things that come up on the social media could be something to just get the attention. Some stories have too much loop holes if you think for few minutes. So don’t get emotional by what is on the social media”. I acknowledge this strange connection of myself and the social media is a little weird, but those posts and tweets just seem so real to me.

The social media is, like tabloid to me. There are variety of contents. But the problem is, it is impossible to figure out which information is true and which information is false. So recently, even though I still have been logging on to the social media, I’m using less and less amount of time there. I feel, my real life and real people that I meet in person are more important than the contents in the social media.


One thought on “What is Social Media to Me?”

  1. I totally agree with you when you say that social media has a great impact on our knowledge and emotions. Just like you I find the information on social media such as Facebook to be reliable without even knowing the source where it is coming from. I think it is because mainly (at least on Facebook) we don’t really connect what is being said with a specific person, but rather we just see it as a source, while when we know a person we associate what we know about them with the knowledge they are trying to impose. However, it is true that knowledge from Facebook doesn’t really differentiate with browsing the web and looking at unreliable sources. I just think we are just too interested in the content to even pay attention where it is coming from. Maybe it has to do with the fact that if it is on Facebook, it’s something that people are talking about or something we feel we should know.


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