WordPress, More than a Blogging Platform

WordPress has been around for a long time. However, when it started people only saw it as a blogging platform for small businesses. Now, WordPress is more than that. As of 2012, it has powered more than 72 million sites and it has become one of the most popular content management systems. Why? Well, not only is WordPress free, which makes it so accessible, but it is also flexible and easy to manage. It allows users and businesses to customize it how they want it, and not only this, but it also meets any and all of the needs a business or person might have. Many people use WordPress as a tool because even though it has the reputation of being a blog platform, it can be an existing website due to its qualities such as posting on pages, which allows you to have daily information and changes, but also static pages. WordPress is a great tool used by people because it is reliable and friendly.

As far as WordPress as a tool, many people use WordPress along side with Dreamweaver and MAMP (this allows you to run WordPress without needing internet connection). By using WordPress, the user is able to take the templates and themes to create the look that they want on their page. At the same time, they are able to customize them with a little of CSS and PHP. By reading multiple articles and guides, I have a little bit more understanding on how to work with Dreamweaver and WordPress together, which is mainly done so it is more efficient. According to the tutorials I followed, the first big step is to use MAMP, which will allow you to create a database and have your basic site set up in order to integrate the WordPress files. Once you do this then you download WordPress and you start to work with Dreamweaver as well. What you are basically doing is inserting the WordPress into Dreamweaver so that you can customize it how you want to, using the existing elements of WordPress. This is very useful since you will be steps ahead and won’t have to start from scratch. Also, it will fit perfectly in your WordPress once you have published it.


One thought on “WordPress, More than a Blogging Platform”

  1. That is really interesting. I have heard that the WordPress can be used along with the dreamweaver, yet I didn’t know that it will be this easy.
    And I totally agree with you on the part that the WordPress is getting bigger and bigger because it is free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?
    From your writing, I have learnt that WordPress is way bigger size than I have thought, as I have never heard of it, I thought WordPress was some small website for the web designers. Now, it seems to be really big and used in broad businesses as you have mentioned.


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