WordPress Review

My experience with WordPress thus far is very limited. Up until today, I was under the impression WordPress was simply every’s favorite blog website. Learning it was an entire program of sorts was very enlightening as I began to unravel its meaning functions through hthe Lynda tutorials.  As Promotions Director & DJ of SCAD Atlanta Radio am responsible for posting show playlists and other blogs to our official website using WordPress. Having watched these tutorials, I will likely take a very different approach to my work with SCAD Atlanta Radio. Copying and pasting from Microsoft Word to WordPress is not a good practice, or as the Lynda.com videos put it “bad workflow”. I’ve always been aware of this considering the many formatting issues I’ve had in the past, but it’s clear I like to give myself a hard to as I continued to use this technique when posting blogs to the website. While writing directly inside of the WordPress program seemed scary, due to the large content I had to write and the sketchiness of internet connections, learning WordPress automatically saves what you’ve written ever thirty seconds is certainly a relief. Learning WordPress could be use to build entire website was a huge indicator of WordPress’ capabilities.

While the concept of coding is still very new to me, learning that WordPress allows for the use of coding templates will definitely be of much help as I continue to explore just how to use the program. While using Adobe Dreamweaver seems less stressful than WordPress, I believe with further learning the ends of outs of coding with Worpdress will help me be able to create effective and more coding efficient websites using Dreamweaver. WordPress’ multimedia capabilities are most impressive to me as I feel it could be very beneficial to my work with SCAD Atlanta Radio. Embedding recordings of my show and other music in the future could be very helpful in allowing my show to gain more traction. As an all around music lover I also would love to embed music files to websites and have them play as the user browses the webpage. I find WordPress’s staging server concept to be the most impressive. I often find I am very eager to get finished with my work. Unfortunately, this often times leads to errors and careless mistakes. Being able to unofficially publish the website on the staging environment without it being fully live will allow me to troubleshoot any errors that I may have let slip through the cracks.


One thought on “WordPress Review”

  1. That is so true! I didn’t know a lot about WordPress either… I used to use it in High School for some classes where we needed to write essays and post them as a blog entry but I didn’t truly understand or even knew about all the other aspects and advantages of using WordPress. I’m also with you on the fact that it is a relief that we can unofficially post something so that we can keep working on it later on if we are out of time on that specific moment.


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