Figuring out about Microsites

1. Redbull (


Western, Playful Music, Fun Game, Simple Design, Cool Tone

2. Coca Cola (

coca cola

Simple and Clean Design, Stable Structure, Peaceful Mood, User Friendly, Positive Posts

3. Proctor & Gamble (

proctor & gamble

Super Colorful, Well Organized, Informative, Simple and Clean Design, Persuasive

4. IKEA (


High Quality and design of the Video, Clean and Simple Design of the fonts, Well Informed, Warm Tone, Bright Music

5. BurgerKing (


Funny, Focus on Diversity, Simple and Clean Design, Eye Catching Colors, Stereotypical Which Leads Familiarity

6. KFC (


Able to Experience, Simple and Clean Design, User Friendly, Trendy

7. McDonalds (


Trendy, Eye Catching, Cubism like Design, Simple Interface, Exciting

8. Dominos (


Informative, Clean and Simple Design, Opinion Accepting, Eye Catching Visuals, Connection with the Social Media

9. Audi (


Classy, Clean and Simple Design, Calm Music, Good Connections with the Videos, Trustworthy Voice

10.  McDonalds (


Simple and Clean Design, Tasty Colors, Trusty Worthy, User Friendly, Eye Catching Visuals


2 thoughts on “Figuring out about Microsites”

  1. Jung,

    Really fun microsite finds. I’m definitely familiar with the fast food ones. I notied you mentioned user friendly and I think thats a main priority in building microsites. Usability and simplistic design. I think if it even slightly complicated it brings it into normal website territory. I really want to attempt to build a microsite for a future campaign in my book.


  2. I think what Dravon says it’s true. I believe that microsites are really all about “user friendly” and simplistic. It really allows the user to navigate through it fast and easily which is something people want to do. They really want to understand what the microsite is for once they enter.


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