What are the differences?

The difference between a site map, schematic, wire frames, an style tiles are kind of simpler than it sounds like.
About the schematic, there is no specific meaning or the place that explains well enough for me to explain. So this is based on my assumption by the meaning that I have been researching. Schematic process in the web design is when the web designers have the interaction with the client for the basic resources and the information. Designing and making the digital marketing and advertising tool for the client is important, but I believe this is the most important stage as this is the stage where project manager will appeal mostly about what they want or what they would not want through the communication. Project manager will also be pretty specific about the tools that they would want, the contents, and the financial part as well. Based on those requirements and the resources, concepts could develop through this stage for the whole campaign as long as there is enough communication with the client’s side. Things such as illustrations, photos, and magazines will help on this process. I guess the mood board, persona study, and creative brief of what we did in class could be in this category as it was to appeal the concept and have the direct communication with professor (client).
Sitemaps are just like as it says itself. Sitemap is the map of the total website, so it is the planning stage for the whole website, showing the contents mostly in the clearly organized structure. As we have done one example for the project 2, sitemap contains the basic menus and the sub-menus yet not the big details. Sites maps do not really need any kind of technology for web development or web design as it is the plan to show to the people in the real world what content might be inside, before making the websites. It contains the wordings, not the graphics or the visual idea. I would say site maps are the ones to be made after the schematic process, and similar like the blueprint of the architecture. As long as it is clearly organized, nothing else is needed. Also, it doesn’t mean that the sitemaps are not going to be used anymore once the websites are built. Sitemaps are still used in the websites as well to help the visitors to not be lost in the website. For example, MySCAD has sitemap in the organized word format without the graphics.
Then, there follows the wire frame. Wire frame is the visual map of the web design while sitemap is the letter map of the website. It might show where each of the content is going to be placed but just on the empty boxes. Even though wire frame is the visual map, they don’t really contain the visuals as wire frames are like the guidance. I guess it could be counted as the visual structure of the website like the skeletal structure of the building before it is painted or designed.
At the sitemap, it was just the letters of the contents. In the wire frame, those sitemap’s contents show up in the boxes of individual pages. As directly building a website could be like haste construction, this process will help the web developers and the web designers to play around with the possible forms of the website. This wire frame process can give the freedom to consistently change the structure or contents’ positions for the possible best position.
For the final, style tile could be easily explained as the skin of the website. On wire frame, it is mentioned the wire frame is the skeletal structure of the web material. For style tile, it is the design layout of the web material. They are based on the wire frame, as anyone would surely need the skeletal structure to put the skin on.
The contents for the style tile are the artistic materials such as the font, the color scheme, possible visuals, etc… They are focused on the art direction, and in lots cases require the harmony of the fonts and the colors. Style tile could be sometimes hard to figure out which one is the best. In those occasions, multiple style tiles can be made and through the communication with the client, the most appropriate design could be chosen.

To my point of view, they are all the different materials, but the process of planning the website. Through schematic, site map, wire frame, and the style tile, website will be ready to be made through the coding process.


2 thoughts on “What are the differences?”

  1. I can definitely see how the style tile could be seen as the skin of the website. I think it could also include the “clothing” the website has on, because of textures and photography.


  2. I agree with what you said about the schematic being an important part of the process because as you said “project manager will appeal mostly about what they want or what they would not want through the communication”, which I believe is important since you want to make sure that you are clear on what the client wants and what the direction is.


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