Social Media & I

As the Promotions Director of SCAD Atlanta Radio part of my duties include managing our social media presence, and that’s everything from our Facebook and Twitter to our Tumblr & Instagram. I find it ironic since I wouldn’t say I’m a huge abuser of social media. Though, I do find myself autonomously logging into Facebook from time to time. Honestly, the only social media site I can confidently say I use on a day to day basis is Tumblr. I have a little over a hundred followers on Tumblr, but I don’t use it to connect with other people per say, it’s really more so a tool I use to seek out art and design inspiration and on occasion waste time watching videos or reading random articles about Color Theory or Horoscope Guides.

Facebook was my natual progression from Myspace. I think I logged into Myspace one day and realized all of my friends hadn’t logged in for a month, to which I decided to let go of my cheesy glittery background and cool music that played when you visited my profile and head on over to the big fat blue F. Everyone and their mother is literally on Facebook. There’s something safe and quaint about the Facebook aesthetic that invites everyone to it. I can only think of a handful of people I do know who don’t have one and they even want one. (My great aunt doesn’t even know how to use a computer yet wants my cousin to make her one and my sister isn’t allowing my youngest nephew to have one until he turns 14.)  I once considered deleting my Facebook, but even beyond hearing all those of warnings that employers are lookat your Facebook before your resume, I don’t feel pressured into deleting it. There’s nothing on my Facebook that’s “bad” or incriminating there. Unless you consider my obsession with Destiny’s Child as a bad thing.

I don’t have an Instagram and never really wanted one. The concept of it scares me a little. It’s literally a photo album of your daily life. I certainly have my fair share of selfie photoshoots in my phone, but I don’t generate enough of that nor document my day to day activities for their to even be a steady stream of content on my profile. I cringe looking at photos I’ve posted on Facebook, so I pretty sure I would die seeing a bazillion photos of myself plastered on profile.

Before taking this class, I briefly had a Twitter in 2012 however I deleted soon after. I found it too limiting. Restricting your words to so many characters was very annoying. Anytime I felt like I had something to tweet I would have to reduce and condense it until it was nearly untranslatable. I also don’t feel like Twitter is practical for the everyday person. It seems more like marketing tool for public figures. I’m not a public figure and even on Facebook my meanderings and thoughts go unnoticed, “unliked” from time to time, so I don’t see a Twitter being anymore successful

While I may not personally be the social media enthusiast, I do see the powerful potential it holds in marketing and advertising. Its communication at large and people love to be seen and heard. I love to be seen and heard as well, just not all the time and not to everyone.