WordPress as a Tool

WordPress is a publishing tool that allows individuals to post blogs as well as create custom websites through templates that help you build easily. Although there are several software’s accessible to help individuals build websites WordPress offers fundamental templates that are far easier to design but also templates that allow easier access to design on these sites. It also allows individuals to have access to coding as well if that is what they desire. Building a site in WordPress can be described in as little as four different steps.

  1. Making key decisions about how you want to proceed
  2. Set up word press on live hosts
  3. Create and publish content
  4. Understanding how to manage media items in word press

One of the first things you need to think about when creating this site is are you ready to go live right away or are you still experimenting? If you are still experimenting the best way to continue is to set up locally on your own computer and later move to a live site. To customize the site it’s always important to explore different themes as well as different hosts. There are two different types of hosts: shared and managed which both vary in price as well as how they are managed.

When using WordPress to create content its important to remember:

  • Writing
  • Formatting
  • Editing
  • Managing
  • Publishing

One of the most important steps is migrating your text properly. Make sure to use word press as your content creation and publication platform but also manage your media this includes: images, graphics, documents, audio, and video. The media tab helps manage media. You can manage and add media through the library by clicking the add new button. When adding media items into wordpress only images, graphics, documents, and other small items should be put into wordpress, audio and video are to go into dedicated services. There are also certain requirements for multimedia including: large storage, broadband width for multiple simultaneous downloads, streaming capability, and media player. Multimedia video should be hosted in youtube, vimeo, brightcore, or videopress, whereas audio should be hosted in soundcloud, mixcloud, or generic cloud storage.

When building a custom site for clients from the ground up its important to establish a workflow. Some of the most important steps are:

  1. Establish roles and responsibilities
  2. Use local and staging environments
  3. Use version control
  4. Theme development workflow
  5. Syncing content between environments

When using a stage environment there are two servers that serve different purposes, the staging server and the production server. Your core site is on the staging server. You can move your staging to production when you are ready to launch the site. The two are duplicate sites but only the production server is open to the public. Instead of syncing the content from one another one way to manage content in to swap the server which essentially swaps the content back and fourth. Lastly when you’re done swap the servers permanently so you don’t have to worry about moving files and databases back and fourth. Although WordPress may not be for everyone it is a great platform to build you business and grow. By linking WordPress to sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media, consumers can share content from the blog that they liked with other networks, which essentially pushes, and expands your brand. Overall WordPress is a helpful tool to use when marketing you business.