Take a look at Adobe Muse

I watched multiple videos about Muse and how to use it to create a website. One of the things that really called my attention was the fact that before you even begin making the website you have to really understand what your business goals are because these dictate the type of content and visuals that you will be showcasing on the site. Also it talks about how we need to look at competition to see what everyone else is doing as well as to make the website as easy to use as possible.

As far as Muse as a tool, after looking at the videos I’m in love with the program! I think the fact that one can export the layers from Photoshop and use them is a great tool. It makes it so much easier to work than Dreamweaver for people who are not into coding. Also, after looking at the videos, it seems as if the program is more friendly and easier to use as far as incorporating the elements. For me it is easier to build up the visuals of the site on Photoshop and then be able to use that as my reference and have the page exactly the way I planned on Muse, which sometimes doesn’t happen when using Dreamweaver. I think Muse is a great tool for designers since it is very visual oriented and does not seem to use things like div files. Also, I think that the program really makes it easier for designers since once they have the visuals built in Photoshop and save them as images, all they have to do is go back to them and drag those elements into the program. Also, the fact that one can move the images and text around is very helpful and it makes it feel as if the program is more flexible than Dreamweaver. The program is faster and simpler which in my opinion makes it more user friendly. I really recommend looking at the videos to get a better understanding of this great program!




2 thoughts on “Take a look at Adobe Muse”

  1. I really like the way that muse is almost like a template in the way that you have to have an understanding of what exactly you are doing and have a set business plan that dictates content as well as visual. I generally believe that this makes it much easier for not only you but your client who is looking at you work as it set up a hierarchy system based on the information inputted. I think it’s awesome as a tool and how it functions also how photoshop layers can be exported and put to use as the conversion in between programs can be quite difficult. Overall Adobe Muse sounds like a really cool program. I think im gonna start using it as a tool.


  2. I agree. Muse is a great program. Even if we don’t really have that much knowledge about the web developing, this program could help people like us to build beautiful things without too much coding knowledge. I also agree on cutting the photoshop part. That sounds really really simple and easy compared to the other programs to build websites.


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