LogoLounge: Symbolism in nature

The Lynda tutorial that I watched this week I feel has a lot to do with not only our final project and how it will be branded but also the whole entire idea of branding and where exactly does the process begins. Through watching this tutorial I learned an immense amount about the process and how interconnected we are as human with nature. LogoLounge is an online subscription database with nearly thousands of categories grouped to logos to make searching a logo easy for the consumer. Yearly, the most earthed terms on LogoLounge by new designers looking for reference and or inspiration is tree, water, sun, earth and mountain which are all environmental features that we alter and depend on to sustain life. In this lesson I learned that some of the most famous and long lived logos in some aspect relate to featured seen in nature, whether that may be shape, color, visual texture, or organic imagery. A relatively common object in branding is identifying an initiative, or a business that’s concerned with a very specific geography. It’s always important to ask what is their sphere of influence? Is it a state, country, city, or region and how do you plan to exactly represent the brand through these specific factors that you have been giving? An important idea to remember is differentiation makes an impact almost everyone is inspired by the four elements, which were originally thought to be the four categories under which anything might exist. This is a great way to visually set a landscape for a potential client who is wholly concerned with the environment.

One thought that crossed my mind several times watching this tutorial was the idea of sticking to the brand and what exactly it is portraying. What is the specific message you want to convey? Which was a very difficult problem for us as a group when we first began to tackle the adidas campaign for project 3. I would suggest that everyone watch this tutorial because you will learn that everything is intertwined and interconnected and physically or mentally relates to nature in some aspect. Also everything is symbolic of something else, which is a main point that is taught througout the lynda video.



3 thoughts on “LogoLounge: Symbolism in nature”

  1. Hey Cam! I really liked your post! I thought it was very interesting because I never thought about logos and nature in that way. Also, it makes me take into consideration the different aspects that we need for our logo and something that called my attention was the idea of the sphere of influence, which makes me go back to thinking about what we are doing. 🙂


  2. Agreed! Everything in some way is linked to something else. I think being able to deconstruct a logo to see what aspects of nature or reality it is inspired by is what sometimes makes a really effective logo because nature and geography translates easily in any culture regardless of language.


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