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I am using  iBooks Author to create an interactive book for Interactive Design Core Principles, I chose to take advantage of the iBooks Author Essential Training tutorial on iBooks author is a program only available on Apple products that allows for one to create interactive ebooks with ease. iBooks Author has a similar interface to Keynote and Pages which makes it significantly easier for avid Mac users. iBooks provides a wide variety of easy editable templates for new users to follow or they can jump right in a begin creating their own book.. The most pleasing part of iBooks is that it provides the user with blueprint of generally how books are formatted. One can choose which section of the book to create starting with the Book Title cover. They can also add a table of contents and glossary if they so choose. iBooks has an intuitive interface that will come as very easy to navigate with users who are computer savvy. Because the tools do not provide a large range of control like Adobe Creative Suite programs, it not hard to pick up on the functionality of iBooks. The text box tools in iBooks are very similar to Adobe Indesign in which text is contained within a box. However, these boxes are respond to the physics of one another and arrange on the page accordingly. You cannot overlap to textboxes. Textboxes that overlap push each other out of the way. This  is a good proof against spacing issues that may arise. iBooks also works in shapes with a wide palette that can be scaled and given any color. Widgets expand iBooks into its main feature of interactivity allowing for the user to embed videos, or apply interactive components to images such as zoom ins and captions. iBooks considerds the mediums in which people may be reading or creating books and shows both the landscape view (mainly for tablets and computers) and portrait for cellular device. One can edit each view and rearrange elements t accommodate the type of device readers may be using. iBooks allows for thte user to preview how the finished book will look in preview mode as well as how it’s functionality will work . This is a great tool to utilize as a troubleshooting mechanism to ensure the final product is without errors or mistakes. iBooks is overall an easy to use program that makes publishing easier than ever before.

The next Lynda tutorial I explored was Muse Essential training. I initially had no idea was to what Muse was used for as was surprised to learn it is a web building tool. After further watching the tutorial, I came to the understanding that Muse is a great starter for web design especially in regards to the design of microsites. Though Muse is a web site builder it is mainly a WYSIWYG application and does not involve coding. In viewing the tutorials and playing with the program I found it’s functionality to be very similar to websites like Wix that offer a “program” like application in wich one can build the layout and navigation of their webpage. Muse has a very standard Adobe program interface with tools and obtions similar to Illustrator and Indesign. Just like Indesign, Muse features “masterpages” that can act as template for the entire website layout. I found the design process of a Muse site to be very interesting. Instead of setting a page height for a page you instead my set a page height minimum due to the responsive nature of web. Muse even allows for the implementation of columns and grid which assist with designing the overall website. Muse’s ability to dictate the navigation of a website through the masterpages I found to be a very powerful tool in web design. Muse allows for the  creation of both websites on pc and mobile. Muse has various trinkets in traditional web design including alt tags and rollovers. Muse is almost a fully functioning live view version of Dreamweaver. I find the WYSIWYG style of Muse is more intuitive than Dreamweaver and would be more comfortable in the future creating web pages using Muse. The fact that coding Muse elements can be used allows for a wider range of creative control when building web pages. A neat component of Muse is that one can create shapes much in the way you can in InDesign. Shapes and objects allow for neater organization when building webpages in Muse. Muse does not essentially offer a circle shape but through the rounding of the rectangle shape you can create the illusion of a circle. I believe with the incorporation of further coding properties Muse code replace Dreamweaver as  the go to website builder. It is much more intuitive and WYSIWIG technology makes web design accessible to many more people those with and without design experience.


2 thoughts on “Lynda Videos”

  1. Hey Dravon! I agree with you about Muse having a lot in common with InDesign and Illustrator and that it is a very powerful tool for web design. Also, I agree with this program taking over Dreamweaver or at least being more useful for designers. As far as the iBooks Author, didn’t know that much about it but it really looks like something I that would like to check out and learn!


  2. Well I definitely need to read more often because ibook is a completely new feature to me. I’ve heard of ebooks but I never knew you could create interactive ebooks. I feature that you did touch on that i found very interesting was the fact that it provides blueprints to how book are created because that is one of the most important parts in writing when creating a book. It’s very cool that they literally help guide you through the entire process including: choosing a cover, table of content, glossary etc. It is a great interface that is easy to navigate. Either way i’m definitely going to check it out now cause I just looked and its actually on my iphone as well.


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