Muse: The Entry Level Web Design Program

First One:
Second One:
I have watched videos about Adobe Muse, as that program is the one that the whole group will be using as the tool to build the microsite. My overall review about Adobe Muse is, Muse lets things to be simpler than any of the tools that we have used until now.
Adobe Muse is the program that helps the people to build the website with no knowledge of coding. Muse can build the websites for various devices, and also for the mobile web. However, the biggest problem of Muse is that it cannot be used for the websites that are using the big traffics, which means for the small business websites, Muse can be better tool for the web designers compared with the Dreamweaver could be the ultimate tool for the web designers if the designer is fluent with the coding, but for the entry level web designers, Muse could be the first tool to learn about the web design.
It’s more like easier version of with the interface of the Indesign (this is how I feel). Basically all we have to do is, similar to the first project that we have done. Crop the image from the Photoshop or get the image source, and then organize it. On the tutorial video, the instructor was showing about how to build the basic business website as an example.
The tutorial video shows, after we have the basic idea of navigation, concept, and the images for the website, we can organize the images as if we are using touchscreen. It is easier than the Dreamweaver though on placing the images where we want to put. On Dreamweaver as I remember, one of the problem was there was consistent problem with the margin or placement. The real file and the viewed website was different. Not on the Adobe Muse though. It is surely easier, and that counts for the fonts as well. Anybody can easily add fonts that we want to add or find the fonts from the Adobe Typekit.
One of the tools that I feel as if I haven’t seen before was the scroll effect area. Some of the websites I remember, always had the problem with the images that were always following or showing up with the different speed. Thanks to the scroll effect tool, it seems like changing the motion of the picture is now available. Also, compared to the, Adobe Muse seemed to have more selections on general tools. For example, on the contact page, even the image verification was available with the connection with the PayPal.


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