35 Innovators Under 35

Impressive website. On this website, of course it tells about 35 innovators under 35, divided on 5 categories.

1. Inventors who are inventing something new mostly focused on the technological area.

2. Entrepreneurs who are challenging those with innovations or niche.

3. Visionaries who knows how to put that news things (technology) on.

4. Humanitarians who are using those technologies for the better of the human beings.

5. Pioneers who are focused for the technologies of the future which will benefit the human beings.

On the inventor category, I was impressed about ‘Finding more powerful ways to manipulate and interact with digital data‘. It might have mattered a little bit that he is Korean, but I am truly impressed. If we think about the 21st century, in a way using the data is becoming more and more important everyday. Websites track down the consumer’s interests and use it to show the possible interests like Amazon. Pay-per click advertisement style is big on web ad as well. Those styles were breakthrough for the advertisement industry. Now, this new way of clicking the digital data with our physical body might be leading to the new world. Also, everyone might have seen ‘How to power devices without batteries‘. Using the ambient radio waves as the sources to charge battery sounds cool to me. I personally think everyone wouldn’t mind what the technology is, but interested in that we don’t need the plugs anymore to charge the devices. This would be bad for the existing charger companies, but the new opportunity to somebody.

On the entrepreneur category, there is a category that everyone might have seen only on the SF novels or on the movies. ‘If you can make virtual reality affordable for consumers, things fall into place‘. When I was reading about him, my first impression was obviously, ‘Who doesn’t know that? Entertainment industry and the medical industry is going to love it. But did you really make it?’ And actually he already did build it (even though he sold his company to Facebook for 2 billion dollars), it is expected to be 300 dollars if the machine comes out on 2016 which is affordable price. Also Facebook has been focusing on the gaming industry lately, expanding more and more on their web game part. This could be the new platform for the existing companies, depending on who develops the fastest.

On the visionary category, Sarah Kearney has shown the idea that sounds attractive to me. ‘A financial innovator is crafting a way for foundations to invest in clean energy’ tells about instead of the companies just giving away the money to some organizations for the the deduction, why don’t companies just fund on the companies that are focused on the climate changes. It is surly the idea that the companies don’t really think of, however the problem is, would companies really do that? It is safer to donate the money to Greenpeace or Redcross, rather than the companies that we don’t know what they will do with the money from the donation.

Humanist category is certainly not my best interested as I’m not that interested in helping people that much, yet I know that this is the category that really changes the world. Development of the technology has made us to be richer, faster, more fed, and more access to the world. Not individually though. All of the innovators in this category has to get the highest credit for being the innovators. I especially liked, ‘An online system encourages crime victims and witnesses to speak up‘. In lots of cases, victims are just to scared or don’t really believe on the bureaucracy of the police, or they just simply don’t want to report in person. This reporting system could help especially on the areas like sex crimes and hate crimes. People who are in the weak positions on the society are not treated fairly in most of the cases, with the system like this, the world could have a little bit more justice.

For the last, on the pioneer part, I have found what I would love to have when it comes out on the market soon. On ‘Identifying how the connections between regions of the brain contribute to anxiety‘ is the research that is focused on trying to find out a better way than existing drugs that helps human to feel better. It is true that lots of drugs that are connected with the human feelings carry lots of side-effects, which makes the possible users to not to even try it because of the fright. As long as the new technology is safe, I believe that is better for all of us (including me) who is suffering from anxieties on college.


One thought on “35 Innovators Under 35”

  1. Hey! I agree with you that each section was very interesting and also is interesting to see how even though this idea of ‘creators’ is divided into multiple categories at the end of the day, they all come together and make advancements in the world that could have a great impact on society. It really is fascinating for me to see how people in all different areas are able to contribute and that at the end of the day, there is always improvements and new things that come up. I’m intrigued on what’s to come!


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