Scarecrow Chipotle

This is one of my favorite campaigns from last year. I think that they were able to communicate a message that might seem boring in a very effective way. When thinking about sustainable farming, it is not a very interesting topic, but I think the campaign was very successful and they were able to make people interested by making an emotional connection through branded entertainment. I think this campaign is a perfect example of the power that branded entertainment has and how thorough interactive platforms (in this case a video and app game), advertising is now a days able to connect to people in a more personal level and therefore bring more attention. The campaign really focuses on showing what is happening around the world when it comes to food production and how we the consumers are not completely aware of what we are actually eating. I really liked this campaign not only because of how the brand made such a boring topic interesting, but also because they are trying to leave a message while seamlessly showing the core values of the company. This I believe is a more effective way to get consumers into a brand, rather than been bombarded with straight forward ads.


2 thoughts on “Scarecrow Chipotle”

  1. I remember watching this video and being impressed that a large food company was trying to be so responsible about their food. I did not know there was an accompanying app, but this is a seemingly great way to get some kids interested in sustainable and responsible food produiction.


  2. This was a good campaign and good animation. I could clearly see what Chipotle was trying to say. It was clever, and at the same time with the real story.


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