Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor”

This was the most successful brand app on Facebook, ever. Lay’s noticed that it wasn’t connecting with “milennials” as well as it would have liked to, and reached out through a social media campaign. This campaign asked users to create their own flavor of Lay’s. Simple enough.

To build awareness Lay’s built a pop-up store in Times Square where visitors could taste flavors of Lay’s from all around the world, and suggest their own. At the end of the campaign, the top flavors would be chosen and produced.

The facebook banner was turned into a live billboard that changed every 30 minutes to what the most popular choice was at the time, and users were tasked to “Save” their favorite flavors by promoting them on social media.

People came up with some pretty tasty sounding chip flavors like, “Korean BBQ” and “Chicken and Waffles,” and many others. It really felt like a fun and genuine way to express your love or hatred for Lay’s Chips. Even the internet got involved, creating some not so delicious flavors such as “Toothpaste and Orange Juice,” “Doritos,” and a few other meta-physical and existential ones. My personal favorite is “Dad Never Came Home.”

This campaign was held once in 2014, and revived again in 2015. After over 11,000 videos were created to taste and review all the flavors, the campaign ended. It seemed everyone at least took notice in one way or another. And when the internet gets involved in parodying something, it’s usually been a success. Despite there being many joke entries, there were just as many if not more serious ones which created a vibrant and diverse campaign with ideas coming out of seemingly every corner of the world.

Even for this blog post I can’t stop laughing at some of these, and drooling over the others. It’s a very unique campaign, and I’m still having fun with it months after it ended. Thanks Lay’s.



3 thoughts on “Lay’s “Do Us A Flavor””

  1. I remember seen this! I think it was a very smart move and way of really attracting millennials. I think companies are starting to realize the shift that is taking place as far as how to get to the consumers, mainly if it’s millennials like in this case. Our generation likes to be a part of things and I think how they incorporated the consumer is a very smart way of incorporating this.


  2. I loved this campaign. It sounded really fun. I remember seeing that campaign online. And this campaign must be the reason that I have seen the cappuccino taste of Lays chips (which I thought was really weird) on Publix. I really like that users could participate on this campaign.


  3. I loved this campaign it was so interactive and really connected with the audience. I loved that it gave the consumer a chance to provide input on what exactly they would like to see. It was really fun great choice.


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