35 Under 35

35 under 35 are a series of 35 individuals comprised into categories including inventors, visionaries, humanitarians, pioneers, and entrepreneurs who are considered to be the future of technology and it advances. In the actual MIT Technology Review we get an official look at the 2015 winners of the “Innovators Under 35” each of which focus on the different fields in technology and how they are spawning. Everyone on the list is either nominated by the public therefore solidifying their position or nominated by the MIT Technology Review’s editors.

The site itself reminds me of that of project two, well more specifically the edin template that I choose for the wordpress project 2. The site is set up to where it has different widgets and placement options to where content can be placed and moved. The site itself is set up as a list that is comprised of the candidates name, age, and photo, as where as there initial contribution and what exactly sets them apart. Outside of this article the site does feature other articles including: smartest companies, and breakthrough technologies.

One of the nominee in particular that stood out to me was 30 year old Kurtis Heimerl and his idea of inexpensive boxes could help bring mobile coverage to the billion people that lack it. His specific project is intended to help the poor, rural communities often founder when innovators lack familiarity with life off the grid, which I believe to be such a great idea. Heimerl’s innovation comes in a gray box roughly the size of a microwave oven. It has solar panels on the outside to power cellular equipment inside, along with the software for management functions like billing and analytics. Secure the box somewhere and link it via satellite to a voice-over-IP network, and you’re ready to open shop as a mobile service provider. Overall the site was very informative clean and knowledgeable and gave a lot of incite to future technology and its benefits.


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