Dove Real Beauty Sketches

One campaign I really connected with last year would have to be Real Beauty Sketches by Dove. The heart of the campaign was that only 4% of women believe they’re beautiful. Dove took it upon themselves to inspire the other 96% to think the same. The main idea was that the biggest barrier to women feeling beautiful is their own self-perception. Dove called in FBI-trained sketch artist to prove to these women they are more beautiful then what they believe. He drew the women based on their own self-perception, and then he drew the same portraits of these women based off of descriptions of random strangers that met the women earlier in the week. After only 2 weeks, the results were in at 3.8 billion global impressions, 73.4 million YouTube views; it was the 4th most shared ad ever (YouTube).

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.21.18 AMdove 06

dove 01dove 02

dove 03dove 04


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