KFC WOW@25 Campaign

KFC WOW@25 is an interesting campaign. Its trying to show how the food of KFC is extremely cheap, compared to their taste. This campaign is based on India, and it will make more sense to everyone, as in India, most of the meat that is consumed is chicken based on cultural and religious reason (This means that other junk food competitors like McDonald’s or Burger King cannot have proper business in India).

Interesting thing that I liked here is that, KFC shows they are the cheap (and tasty) food. This would sound obvious and cheesy, yet the real good idea is using the app and microsite to show the price in each of the different currency. This made me think, what if this app goes for the global worldwide? KFC is literally everywhere I believe. KFC is at Iraq as well. Knowing the price of the each item in each of the different countries could be beneficial to the loyal chicken loving customers.

Being honest, one of the reason I picked this campaign is because I just love KFC. Also, Oriana and Peter took the ones that I have liked already.  :*(

india mapmicositeMenuappapp2appdownloadappdownload_00000


2 thoughts on “KFC WOW@25 Campaign”

  1. I didn’t know about this campaign but it sounds interesting and promising. Also, it is interesting to think how companies’ campaigns change depending on countries and how something could work in some but not in others.


  2. I haven’t really heard of this campaign but after seeing your post it definitely made me want to check it out. Also is this an american based campaign of where exactly was it based?


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