The power of introverts

While listening to Susan Crain, there were many things that stood out to me as far as this idea of introverts and how our society has in a way pushed them away and just sees them as shy people. I think it was very interesting how she talked about introverts when it comes to creativity and leadership and the fact that they are needed in these fields as well, even though society might think that extroverts are better for such things. Also, something that really stood out to me is the idea that our society needs to understand that not everyone can reach their maximum potential or be at their best under the same conditions and that what makes introverts and extroverts different is the way they are stimulated. I do have to say that I agree with her when she says that school and workspaces are designed for extroverts mainly  (at least in the US), however when looking at this and thinking about my personal experiences, back home schools are more balanced in that way but they still believe that the ideal student is an extrovert even though as she explains during her talk, introverts get higher grades and are proven to be better at leadership because not only are they more careful but also have better outcomes than extroverts since they let other people’s ideals bubble up to the surface.
Another thing that called my attention was her idea that culturally we need a  better balance between the two types, mainly when it comes to creativity and productivity. I agree with her that it is  good to share ideas and that group projects are needed because thoughts need to be share, but I also agree with the fact solitude is as important as group work. I think that her point on 20th century society is something very important to look at. It is interesting to see that our society is now based on the culture of personality and that people need to prove themselves to others. I think this has to do a lot with the technology and this idea of being a “social” society. However, as she says, solitude matters and it is only recently that we forgot about it. Western societies as she says have always preferred the man of action rather than the one of contemplation but we need to realize that both are as important and both have an equal impact on society. The more freedom for introverts the more likely they are to come up with their own unique solutions and I believe that the problem with society right now is the fact that we want to put everyone under the same conditions without realizing that we are all different and therefore do not work the same way. We are stimulated differently and trying to make a group fit into another is not going to help the society develop.

One thought on “The power of introverts”

  1. I think that awareness of the divide between types of work introverts and non-introverts prefer will help identify the best jobs and types of work for each person, but occasionally introverts become temporarily extroverted and extroverts can become introverted. It’s unpredictable and I think this is why she calls for less group work.


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