Group Project!

Group projects are great as an experience and I do understand the need to do them because there are things one cannot learn by working alone. I can say that through this group project I learned a lot as far as having to work with different personalities and understanding that everyone is different when it comes to how they work. I will say I’m a very fast passed worker and I’m always trying to get things done super fast, but by working in a group I learned that sometimes working fast might not work and that there will always be things to change and adjust. It is more about the process and I think that something that one really needs to take into consideration when working in a group is the fact that every member needs to be on the same page in order for the entire campaign or project to look cohesive. Also, something I really like about group projects that you don’t get to experience so much when working alone, is the input and feedback. I think it is great to see how an initial thought from a member can become a very strong asset to the project when shared and discussed with the rest of the group. I think that working in groups does make a concept stronger because by having multiple people thinking and sharing their ideas, then more questions arise and different points of view come to float. I’m not going to say that working in groups is easy, because it is not. There is a lot of challenges to face and there is a lot of personality clashes. However, if one is able to pass over that and if everyone is willing to put the effort and work, then group projects can be very successful. I really enjoyed working in a group and I believe that I got to learn a lot from the experience as well as from my classmates. I think it really helps because it allows me to see how I work with others and it challenges me to stay calm, be patient, and understand other people to make things work out while enjoying the process of making it as well. I really enjoyed working with each and everyone of you and I think we did a pretty good job!


3 thoughts on “Group Project!”

  1. I had fun working with you Oriana. Yeah, it was not easy but I learnt a lot from you as well I learnt from others. You were great organizer and designer and concept person. Hope you have a great semester on fall.

    P.S Oh I just remembered. Me, Dravon, and you are taking typography.


  2. Hey Oriana,

    I really enjoyed working on this project with you as well. I believe you were the foundation of the group and even though you believe in working more swiftly, it worked in our favors because I’m not sure if we would have gotten as much accomplished as we did. We had a lot of setbacks, conflicts and rehashes that could have made this project a disaster but we turned out something great. Also I agree about the ability to receive instant feedback in groups. I’ve gotten to know all of you so well I wouldn’t be scared to submit you all my solo work before I turn them in.


  3. Oriana,

    I want to give a special thanks to you because you were our team leader. You show great leadership skills and you are very patient which you cant say for most people. I really appreciate you tackling the process book and microsite head on. You are such a nice, sweet person.


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