Jung’s Group Project Review

This has been an interesting class for me as I had the most complicated group project ever at SCAD. Regardless of what we have achieved in this class, this ‘Adidas Vibe Project’ was a good and pleasant experience for me.

I was a little bit worried of this project when it started, as I have always been a type of a person who was always ignoring other people’s ideas and trying to push mine, as I have thought I am the smartest person that is around the neighborhood. But this group project has changed the way of how I think about attitude towards other people and working with other people. It was an enjoyable experience, and I have learnt a lot from all of my teammates. Also, I have gotten lots of helps from my teammates on various skills, and most of all the work that was finished was just awesome. That is all that can be said. They looked more beautiful, creative, and fascinating than what we have imagined it to be.

I have learnt that diverse people have strong parts and the synergy throughout the diverse people can make the whole new level of the result. We had all kinds of people who had various skill sets like, illustration, photoshop, special effect, and designing. All those assets have developed the project to be more organized, balanced, and better quality. We had some disagreements and arguments, but it will be counted as the normal process I guess (or not).

We have met more than two times besides class every week, and we had so much concepts, developments, and process works communicating together. I believe our work is awesome and we all deserve to get A on this project.


3 thoughts on “Jung’s Group Project Review”

  1. Jung! I really enjoyed working with you and I learned a lot! I agree that the project was a challenge at first but I think we did great and I agree with you that bringing all our skills together did make the project and deliverables very strong!


  2. Jung,

    I agree with you, our project turned out well. Despite many conflicts and varying skill sets we were able to turn out a strong concept. You do not come across as close minded as you stated. I have learned a lot from about business and doing more research to back up your claims!


  3. Jung,

    You are literally one of the coolest people you have such great energy and good vibes. We definitely should take another ad class together. your hillarious and you helped keep me sane in this project.


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