Group Projects

Working in groups is a necessary part of living and working in a fast paced world. Where projects and ideas can have a small window of opportunity or turning a flicker of inspiration into full fledged company requires many hands. Working together can achieve more than working alone, and open more potential avenues for progress along the way.

There are many types of group projects. Some very large where members of the same project never even meet, and some are small and intimate projects where team members spend every minute together. In any group there must be clarity and a consensus on the work assigned to team members, a roadmap, and a vision that can be conveyed in just a few words. The means of the group must meet expectations of each other and manage their own while simultaneously working towards a unified goal.

I think personal problems can arise in any group situation, from working at a restaurant to working on a creative team. People are different in many regards, which leads to many needs and expectations being balanced with ones own production rate and encouragement towards others.

Having a successful group requires this culture to be well balanced and allowing for each member to express any concerns or suggestions at any time. I can see why bureaucracies are appealing to companies, having total control can be comforting, but as in dystopic novels, it does not result in high levels of happiness and innovation.

Teamwork comes together when a group of people come together who are inclined to foster a group ethic and maintain their own nerves enough to not infringe upon the project or other peoples personal well being. A clear roadmap helps to maintain sanity but any team, regardless of the framework, must operate to some extent on faith.

Group projects are absolutely essential to progressing human cooperation and history shows that our species was team oriented from the beginnings of existence. These are skills we must foster, much like storytelling, relies on people to be together to share their ideas and experiences which creates emotional bonds and ties and as a result the work becomes more passionate in it’s final product. Many good artists collaborating on work often results in a unique gestalt seemingly bursting with energy. In the group project I did this quarter at SCAD I feel I had positive experiences with each of these examples.


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