Working In A Group

When I first learned the final project in this course would be a group project, I was ecstatic. I’m not sure why but I’ve gotten to the end of my junior year at SCAD without having done a group project. I’m no stranger to group work as I have done many of them outside of SCAD. This is my second design related group project and the first I can definitely say was a disaster. This one was a pleasant surprise. I definitely think group projects should be massaged into nearly every course at SCAD for at least one project. I think working within a group setting not only builds professionalism but also increases one’s communication and interpersonal skills.

My first group design project was plagued with cattiness, huge egos and an overbearing overseer who stifled individual creativity and expected way to much out of the team. This project comparatively has been a walk in the park. Though opinions did clash and lead to heated arguments from time to time I did not see it stifling the progression of the project. In fact, the strong opinions ushered along the project to become what it is now. (And I do feel it is a very well executed project).

I’ve learned that working in a group especially in the creative field is an inevitable/ I’ve learned that being a sensitive artist in a group setting is just not ok. It inhibits your growth and it inhibits the growth of the team. You have to know when to let go of your ideas despite how good you may think they are.

Being the pop music junkie I am, I always compare being in a group to being in a band or singing group. Everyone must play their role and play it well. Groups like Destiny’s Child (My favorite group in the entire world) The Beatles, The Supremes etc were all majorly successful because most of the time every member knew their role and was sure not to step on another member’s toes. While this may not neccesarrily apply to this situation sense no one was “the lead” so to speak in the workforce you will be hired to a creative team for the particular skill you bring aboard. This allows for you to know your place instantly and stick to that role unless otherwise is needed.

In conclusion, I had a very great time working on this project with my fellow classmates. I think this project was sure to be an interesting one considering how each and everyone of us come from very different backgrounds. I think we have made a great team and with more time, training and maturity we will all make great assets to a creative team in the workforce one day.


2 thoughts on “Working In A Group”

  1. Dravon!!! I had a great time working with you and everyone else in this project. I agree with you that SCAD should do many group projects mainly because as you said, it inhibits your growth and it inhibits the growth of the team and I think that is a very important thing! At the end of the day it is all about learning and growing as an individual 🙂


  2. Dravon nice post. It was really nice working with you this quarter your very talented and quite the character. Your portion the microsite was amazing. You have such a great spirit and you are so easy to work with. thank for the great group experience


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