Group work

Although I’m used to group project working in the advertising department every group project is indeed a different experience. I’m not going to lie I was hoping for the best but expecting the worst but my team members really pulled through and we really created a great campaign. I think working in a group allows you to interact with other individuals and allows you to grow in a group setting. It forces you to communicate and interact with personalities that are different from yours.

I have learned that having a strong personality means nothing in a group means if you cannot mesh with individuals. I also learned that in a group you are potentially stronger because everyone is able to take advantage of what they are good at. Dravon you are hilarious and kept me laughing all quarter you too Jung even though you think everything racist. Orianna you are so nice and such a sweet person. Peter even though we bumped heads you pulled through at the end and the app was amazing. I still think you’re an ass, but a very talented ass lmfao. I honestly wouldn’t have asked for another group for this project. I believe our adidas vibe is a winner all the way. It whole experience was enjoyable and in all honesty the campaign was consistent and visually appealing, which is hard to do when working in a group because everyone is so different.

I learned that I might have a slight ego and that some of our arguments were really petty but I’m happy we had them because we would never be where we are now. Im not going to say working in a group is easy but it does teach you a lot.


What Our Language Habits Reveal? A review of Steven Pinker

In Steven Pinker’s “What our language habits reveal?” TED talk, the Linguist Pinker debates about our language habits but also questions the very nature of our thoughts and existence. The specific TED Talk took place in 2005 and Pinker gave some very specific points on language and how it comes into play but also discussed how he was writing a book to shed light onto a number of aspects in human nature. In most forms language is legislated by an academy but in all actuality language emerges from human minds interacting with one another. When it comes to language their will always be a visible and unstoppable change whether it come from: jargon or slang, dialect divergence, or something as simple as the language formation. These factors essentially cancel out the idea of language being legislated. Language is not necessary a creator of human nature but more so a window into it.

Dative construction is defined as a grammatical way of constructing a sentence with the subject in a dative case and the direct object in the nominative case. These types of construction extract generalizations so we can produce and understand new sentences. Another important aspect is how verbs are constructed and used. What most individuals do not realize is that verbs are the framework for a sentence. They basically are the wireframes in fact. Once you can understand which verb tense go in which construction then you can effectively communicate properly.

We communicate more than we realize because the construction in the English language is used metaphorically. We tend to transfer things or “transfer” ideas. This is because we conceive ideas as objects. We used space as a metaphor as well whether it is space, state, or time. We also do this with force whether it is physical force, interpersonal force, or intrapersonal force. Our ability to conceive a giving event in two different ways is a fundamental feature in human though. Human intelligence consists of a repertoire of concepts (objects, space, time, causation, and intention) useful in social, knowledge-intensive species and a process of metaphorical abstraction. Overall the vagueness of our language is one most important feature of our language because it is based off of interpretation.

Dove Real Beauty Sketches

One campaign I really connected with last year would have to be Real Beauty Sketches by Dove. The heart of the campaign was that only 4% of women believe they’re beautiful. Dove took it upon themselves to inspire the other 96% to think the same. The main idea was that the biggest barrier to women feeling beautiful is their own self-perception. Dove called in FBI-trained sketch artist to prove to these women they are more beautiful then what they believe. He drew the women based on their own self-perception, and then he drew the same portraits of these women based off of descriptions of random strangers that met the women earlier in the week. After only 2 weeks, the results were in at 3.8 billion global impressions, 73.4 million YouTube views; it was the 4th most shared ad ever (YouTube).

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 12.21.18 AMdove 06

dove 01dove 02

dove 03dove 04

35 Under 35

35 under 35 are a series of 35 individuals comprised into categories including inventors, visionaries, humanitarians, pioneers, and entrepreneurs who are considered to be the future of technology and it advances. In the actual MIT Technology Review we get an official look at the 2015 winners of the “Innovators Under 35” each of which focus on the different fields in technology and how they are spawning. Everyone on the list is either nominated by the public therefore solidifying their position or nominated by the MIT Technology Review’s editors.

The site itself reminds me of that of project two, well more specifically the edin template that I choose for the wordpress project 2. The site is set up to where it has different widgets and placement options to where content can be placed and moved. The site itself is set up as a list that is comprised of the candidates name, age, and photo, as where as there initial contribution and what exactly sets them apart. Outside of this article the site does feature other articles including: smartest companies, and breakthrough technologies.

One of the nominee in particular that stood out to me was 30 year old Kurtis Heimerl and his idea of inexpensive boxes could help bring mobile coverage to the billion people that lack it. His specific project is intended to help the poor, rural communities often founder when innovators lack familiarity with life off the grid, which I believe to be such a great idea. Heimerl’s innovation comes in a gray box roughly the size of a microwave oven. It has solar panels on the outside to power cellular equipment inside, along with the software for management functions like billing and analytics. Secure the box somewhere and link it via satellite to a voice-over-IP network, and you’re ready to open shop as a mobile service provider. Overall the site was very informative clean and knowledgeable and gave a lot of incite to future technology and its benefits.

LogoLounge: Symbolism in nature

The Lynda tutorial that I watched this week I feel has a lot to do with not only our final project and how it will be branded but also the whole entire idea of branding and where exactly does the process begins. Through watching this tutorial I learned an immense amount about the process and how interconnected we are as human with nature. LogoLounge is an online subscription database with nearly thousands of categories grouped to logos to make searching a logo easy for the consumer. Yearly, the most earthed terms on LogoLounge by new designers looking for reference and or inspiration is tree, water, sun, earth and mountain which are all environmental features that we alter and depend on to sustain life. In this lesson I learned that some of the most famous and long lived logos in some aspect relate to featured seen in nature, whether that may be shape, color, visual texture, or organic imagery. A relatively common object in branding is identifying an initiative, or a business that’s concerned with a very specific geography. It’s always important to ask what is their sphere of influence? Is it a state, country, city, or region and how do you plan to exactly represent the brand through these specific factors that you have been giving? An important idea to remember is differentiation makes an impact almost everyone is inspired by the four elements, which were originally thought to be the four categories under which anything might exist. This is a great way to visually set a landscape for a potential client who is wholly concerned with the environment.

One thought that crossed my mind several times watching this tutorial was the idea of sticking to the brand and what exactly it is portraying. What is the specific message you want to convey? Which was a very difficult problem for us as a group when we first began to tackle the adidas campaign for project 3. I would suggest that everyone watch this tutorial because you will learn that everything is intertwined and interconnected and physically or mentally relates to nature in some aspect. Also everything is symbolic of something else, which is a main point that is taught througout the lynda video.

WordPress as a Tool

WordPress is a publishing tool that allows individuals to post blogs as well as create custom websites through templates that help you build easily. Although there are several software’s accessible to help individuals build websites WordPress offers fundamental templates that are far easier to design but also templates that allow easier access to design on these sites. It also allows individuals to have access to coding as well if that is what they desire. Building a site in WordPress can be described in as little as four different steps.

  1. Making key decisions about how you want to proceed
  2. Set up word press on live hosts
  3. Create and publish content
  4. Understanding how to manage media items in word press

One of the first things you need to think about when creating this site is are you ready to go live right away or are you still experimenting? If you are still experimenting the best way to continue is to set up locally on your own computer and later move to a live site. To customize the site it’s always important to explore different themes as well as different hosts. There are two different types of hosts: shared and managed which both vary in price as well as how they are managed.

When using WordPress to create content its important to remember:

  • Writing
  • Formatting
  • Editing
  • Managing
  • Publishing

One of the most important steps is migrating your text properly. Make sure to use word press as your content creation and publication platform but also manage your media this includes: images, graphics, documents, audio, and video. The media tab helps manage media. You can manage and add media through the library by clicking the add new button. When adding media items into wordpress only images, graphics, documents, and other small items should be put into wordpress, audio and video are to go into dedicated services. There are also certain requirements for multimedia including: large storage, broadband width for multiple simultaneous downloads, streaming capability, and media player. Multimedia video should be hosted in youtube, vimeo, brightcore, or videopress, whereas audio should be hosted in soundcloud, mixcloud, or generic cloud storage.

When building a custom site for clients from the ground up its important to establish a workflow. Some of the most important steps are:

  1. Establish roles and responsibilities
  2. Use local and staging environments
  3. Use version control
  4. Theme development workflow
  5. Syncing content between environments

When using a stage environment there are two servers that serve different purposes, the staging server and the production server. Your core site is on the staging server. You can move your staging to production when you are ready to launch the site. The two are duplicate sites but only the production server is open to the public. Instead of syncing the content from one another one way to manage content in to swap the server which essentially swaps the content back and fourth. Lastly when you’re done swap the servers permanently so you don’t have to worry about moving files and databases back and fourth. Although WordPress may not be for everyone it is a great platform to build you business and grow. By linking WordPress to sites like Facebook and Twitter as well as other social media, consumers can share content from the blog that they liked with other networks, which essentially pushes, and expands your brand. Overall WordPress is a helpful tool to use when marketing you business.

The Beauty of Microsites

A microsite is defined as a separate web page or lesser collection of pages, which are meant to function as a detached entity within a website. These sites are usually used in web design, linked to the main page to add a particular collection of material either editorial or customary. Here are five examples I think are awesome example of how to utilize a microsite:

  1. (Nike) – active, innovative, athletic, user friendly, clean
  2.  (Coca-cola)- happiness, minimal,easy, fun, consumer friendly
  3.  (Burger King)- funny, witty, cleaver, comical, visually appealing
  4. (Red Bull)-graphic, simple, stylistic, playful, easy
  5. (Apple)- sleek, professional, simplistic, modern, minimal

They are very useful and informative. I really appreciate how interactive they are with the consumer by allowing individuals to take part in shaping  and molding  the brand through there various campaign efforts. I would definitely describe these sites as innovative, consumer friendly, quality, informative, and lastly fun. They all sparked my interest which is great and design wise they are all extremely easy to use and their overall designs are very appealing to the eye I must say.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.15.41 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.17.37 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.19.17 AMScreen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.21.33 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 12.24.13 AM